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Thrains Forge

At A Glance

  Thrain’s Forge is an unassuming, three room forge, store and residence in the Guild Ward of the city. A hewn stone chimney belches black smoke as you hear the hammer ring off against whatever the forge had been heating up. The workshop smells waft out from the open shop doors, while a slightly rusty iron sign in the shape of an anvil swings from a post in the roof of the storefront section of the building.  

First Impressions

  As you walk through the workshop door, Raymar Irongut, a stout dwarf with his long amber hair tied tightly back, looks up from his work momentarily, greeting you with a large smile that causes his eyes to almost disappear in his squint. He politely directs you in the direction of the storefront, and returns to his work. As you walk towards the door he pointed out to you, you see another Dwarf in the far corner intently focused on her work, engraving runes into the pommel of a finely tooled dagger.   As you pass into the store section of the building, you’re quickly passed by yet another Dwarf, this one only about up to your waist. They were carrying a pair of scale gloves over their head, the metal tinkling with each bounding step. Around you are various pieces of armor and assorted weaponry arranged casually in racks and on raised counters. Off to one wall were some obviously much higher quality (and likely higher priced) pieces of armor, like a splendid plate helm adorned with bright pieces of jade.   The shopkeeper, a Dwarf who introduced herself as Vaylin Irongut, welcomes you to Thrain’s Forge, mentioning that it was her father’s before she inherited it, then asks what she can do for you.  


  Being a second generation Dwarven ran forge on Vaylin's side, a large number of the customers that frequent the store are Dwarven, but they cater to all types here, and as such seeing a Dragonborn or Human in here wouldn’t be too unusual a sight. The only people who tend to keep out are elven folk, for the obvious reasons.  


  Raymar is the one in charge of forging the pieces, while his daughter Cadi does the rune engraving. Vaylin minds the storefront while Sadi runs to and fro for things his mom needs while also keeping the store clean and the shelves tidied.   [[Not sure if you want to just include your own lists here for engraving/forging/purchasing here or what, but figured I’d just leave it mostly blank and leave this note.]]  

Who's Who & History

    The Ironguts - A second generation Dwarven store and forge on Vaylin’s side, Raymar and his wife have been happily married for the last 25 years, with Cadi, their oldest, born only a year after the two were married. Sadi, the youngest in the family, was born only 7 years ago, and was a welcome addition to the party.  

Rumors & Secrets

    No one would dare say it outright, but there has been talk about the possibility of Vaylin being a succubus, one who tricked Raymar into leaving his previous wife to be with her all those years ago. It’s unclear exactly where this rumor might have started, and most people don’t think it to be true, with the couple seeming to be perfectly happy and in love with one another.
Craftsman, Blacksmith / Smithy
Parent Location



This article was written by the creative and talented Ultrahuntr and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by Ultrahuntr, visit Ashua.


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