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Three Golden Pears Inn

At A Glance

  The Three Golden Pears is a welcoming, homely three story wattle and daub inn run by the Springfinger halflings that gives the feeling of small village comforts in the midst of the bustling city. The namesake of the inn, the three large and seemingly ever-ripe trio of golden skinned pears are found mounted above the mantle, pierced through their cores by a single elven arrow. The identity of the one who shot the arrow is hotly debated by both regulars and staff alike, and none can seem to come to an acceptable consensus.  

First Impressions

  Fynwyn Springfinger, cook and proprietor of the Three Golden Pears, will often be the first thing you hear as you walk through the front door. His boisterous, drunken baritone can be heard sporadically throughout the day, riling up the patrons to song, usually ending in free food and drink for all participants. His wife, a burly, whiskey-skinned dwarf named Nasala runs the bar while their twins Essi and Erri run the tables.   Upon entering the establishment, you're immediately greeted with a busy scene. Tables with conversing patrons in front of you, a bar lining the far wall, with a stairwell to the left, headed both up and down. Upstairs you can find the private rooms along with a small library with some well worn but cozy seating, and downstairs is where the baths and the Springfinger's own lodgings.   The focal point of the common room is the large stage in the middle of the main seating area. The dark oak circle is 15 feet across, and is marred and scratched from years of performances, and hosts a rotating cast of musicians and performers nightly. Among these performers are Tynn Springfinger, younger brother of Fynwyn, and his children, each of them quite good with their particular instrument of choice.  


  The Three Golden Pears caters to all honest folk, and bothers not with kind nor creed. As long as you pay your tab and don't cause (too many) fights, you'll be welcomed here.   As expected with a halfling-ran establishment, most of the regular clientele are also halflings, including many close and distant relatives of the Springfingers, such as the Thickethides and the Gentlebrooks.  


  One of the main draws of the inn is its rotation of regular musicians and performers. From Tynn and his lot playing their folkish tunes to poetry recitations to magic acts, laughs and smiles are a constant in the common room. If you can persuade Fynwyn to break out his lute, Nasala will even dance a jig on the table.   Fynwyn is in charge of the food and menu, but the actual collecting and purchasing of food, ingredients, and other things necessary for the day to day operation of the inn fall to Tynn and his eldest son, Bynn.    

Who's Who & History

  Fynwyn Springfinger was born in the cellar of the inn, and running its kitchen is all he has ever known. His wife Nasala is the daughter of a dwarven merchant, and it was while she was on business in the city with her father that they met and fell in love. The twins Essi and Erri were a welcome surprise less than a year into their marriage. The twins look so alike, you can only tell them apart by their hair; Erri with her scarlet hair cropped in a tight crew cut, and Essi with his long, blonde curls pulled back into a tight ponytail, often with a bandana tied across his brow.   Tynn Springfinger is the younger brother of Fynwyn, and heads the entertainment of the inn as well as the procurement of supplies and ingredients and whatever else the inn might need. His right hand man is his eldest son Bynn, while his younger son and daughter, Peyt and Andi mind the storeroom and aid Fynwyn in the kitchen when necessary. Unfortunately, Tynn’s wife, Jymma, passed away during Andi’s birth.  

Rumours & Secrets

Parent Location



This article was written by the creative and talented Ultrahuntr and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by Ultrahuntr, visit Ashua.


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