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Dancing Prince Casino

At A Glance

  A massive structure, the Dancing Prince Casino is actually a conglomeration of buildings and businesses that have since been renovated into a singular, sprawling structure that covers an entire city block. There’s no one owner or proprietor, instead there are multiple smaller gambling dens to be found within the walls of the casino, creating a small microcosm of gambling, thieving, and even politics within the heart of the Market Ward.  

First Impressions

  Entering through any of the multiple entrances will see you entering a busy scene, with a series of large hallways acting almost like streets in between businesses, with stalls and vendors lining both sides. Couriers dart about, carrying payouts and messages to and fro as the merchants call out to passersby, peddling their wares and services.   Several prominent businesses might catch your attention with their ostentatious signs, such as Shugguh’s Swindle (which is run by, of all things, a bugbear), The Big House, or the aptly named Empty Wallet. Inside of each you can hear loud chatter, the occasional yell as someone wins (or loses) big, or the loud thump of someone or something being thrown against a wall.   There’s money to be made and lost here, whether it ends up being in your favor remains to be seen.  


  The individual businesses tend to cater to different types. Shugguh’s is a bit of a seedier joint, while The Big House caters to those with a more refined palate. Empty Wallet is more of an everyman’s kind of place, catering to a majority of the general public that decide to wander in here.  


  Aside from offering your standard selection of card and dice style gaming, it’s also possible to find some more exotic gaming if you’re interested. Shuggah’s especially, where you’ll regularly find tables playing giant or goblin variants on certain games, and varying up the betting structure with each new game.   The Big House has its own original card game that is only played in their own Gold Room (the private game room of the owner, Big Jaq) called Gold Miner Jaq. It’s played infrequently, and only whenever Jaq feels up to it. The only people who are allowed in the room when it is played are the players, the dealer, Jaq himself, and four of Jaq’s own guards, one per corner. The rules are kept incredibly secret, and to disclose anything that happens after the doors to the Gold Room close with anyone who wasn’t in the room is a death sentence. The trade off for all this secrecy is the mountains of gold some people have left with after leaving the Gold Room. Some leave with a lot less.  

Who's Who & History

  Shugguh - Shugguh is a bugbear who escaped from a slaver who was smuggling him through the city years ago, and has since made a life for himself by serving the seedier citizens of the city with their gambling needs.   Big Jaq - Big Jaq is a man of both grand gestures and few words. Growing up on the streets is rough for one of Orcish, and Dwarvish descent, but he fought and won his way up to the very top. Within the walls of The Big House, there is but one god, and it is he.   Finmir - Finmir runs the Empty Wallet, a modest gaming house that accepts all. Not much is known about him, other than he claims to originate in a barbarian clan from far away from the city.  

Rumors & Secrets

  Some think Finmir was on the run from some trouble where he lived previously, and is using running this place as a cover. No one has come public with anything solid, but an investigation might yield some interesting information.
Parent Location



This article was written by the creative and talented Ultrahuntr and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by Ultrahuntr, visit Ashua.


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