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Torbrin Estate

At a Glance

  Torbrin Estate serves as the home of a wealthy and established noble family. A fact made abundantly clear by the carefully manicured grounds that surround the estate's central mansion. This building of polished stone and stained glass is a testament to the Torbrin Noble Family's shipping acumen, featuring materials acquired from some of the most exotic places in the world. It is known to the wealthy and affluent as the House of Shimmering Glass, thus named for its many stained glass murals and intricate works of painted glass.  

Visitors & Routines

  The Torbrin Estate has many frequent visitors, most noble in blood and bearing. All are either friends of the family or partners in its shipping business. The estate serves as the family's preferred ground for hashing out new deals and securing vital trade networks.
  • Matthias Torbrin hosts regular drinking parties with his friends, discussing business and politics well into the night.
  • Christopher Torbrin is a rambunctious soul who takes daily riding lessons on the grounds. The young boy spends hours in the saddle and hours more climbing the trees on the far edge of the property.
  • Triana Torbrin is somewhat of a recluse. She leaves the property sparingly and prefers to spend her free time indoors or in the service of her father's schemes.


    Guards & Security

      The property can host up to seven house guards, including one Captain Garris. Sadly, the usual clockwork of Captain Garris' patrols has been thrown off by the sudden departure of two members of his security team. Right now the security teams are down one man each shift and have been forced to augment their patrols with a few guards dogs kept in a kennel adjacent to the guards' barracks. The guards appear to have some dedication to their job but are far from the best the city can offer and certainly far from the best Torbrin can afford.  


    Estate Grounds

      The Torbrin Estate's grounds are surrounded by a 15-foot tall wall of greenery. Providing security and privacy for those within the property. The main iron gates sit at the end of a short avenue, perfectly suited for the accommodation of carriages and foot traffic to the manor. The road overlooks a small stable that houses the Torbrins' prized riding horses, a collection of storage sheds, and a cluster of guest cottages that sit at the edge of the property. Manicured shrubs and trees dot the land alongside gravel footpaths that snake through the grounds.  

    The Stable

    The Torbrin Stable is a squat wooden building with a painted shingle roof. It is large enough to house six horses comfortably with a muddy paddock attached to the stable's southern-facing barn door for exercise. Stablehands are common in this area, as they busy themselves with their equestrian charges' care and well-being.

    Guest Cottages

    Three guest cottages sit nestled at the edge of the property in a copse of thin grey trees. Each building is identical and designed to give the quaint appearance of an isolated woodland cabin. The lush furniture and beautiful art that decorate these homes show particular care among the Torbrin Noble Family for guest comfort.

    The Mansion

      The Torbrin Mansion stands at the center of their property. Though relatively small by noble standards, the two-story building is a sight to behold. It is made from a polished cream-colored stone that pops against the surrounding greenery. While its many windows shimmer in the light of the sun, casting multicolored shadows throughout the house's interior. The building's clay tile roofing was an expensive design favored by Matthias Torbrin late wife. Much of the mansion's decorating decisions, from the trimmed hedges to the elegant paintings on the wall, serve as echoes of the long-dead Lady Torbrin. There are three entrances to the mansion. The main entrance sits at the front to admit its noble denizens and guests, mirrored by the back door used by servants to quickly access the manor's heart and the garden door that opens into an enclosed topiary garden attached to the corner of the mansion.  

    The Interior

      The interior of the mansion is an orderly sprawl of lush bedrooms, cozy sitting rooms, and flagrant displays of connection or wealth. There is an elegant beauty to the design of the home's cozy interior. Color swirls throughout the mansions many rooms as colored light or dyed cloth. Nearly every piece of furniture hailed from a far-flung port or boasted the hand of a famed artisan. Yet, something was lacking in the home, an eerie emptiness seemed to lurk in every shadow and silent room. A cavernous hole left by a mother long dead and a wife desperately missed. Sadness laced the happy home and threatened its veneer of noble grandeur.

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    Torbrin Name

    Matthias Torbrin
    Torbrin Noble Family
    Torbrin Trading
    Torbrin Estate
    Torbrin Dock Warehouse
    Torbrin Market Office

    Parent Location
    Owning Organization
    Alternate Name(s)
    The House of Shimmering Glass



    Author's Notes

    The Torbrin Estate is the blossoming seed of the Torbrin Noble Family's legacy. Built upon the foundational work of Great Torbrin and uplifted by the careful hand of Grand Torbrin, the Estate is a social display of power and wealth. Its secluding grounds give privacy to a wealthy family with connections that stretch across the world.

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    This article was written by the creative and talented WiredIn and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by WiredIn, visit Ravare.

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