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Torbrin Market Office

Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Darkest Night Shall Halt These Gears of Commerce.
— Grand Torbrin, Grand Opening of the Market Office.


At a Glance

  The Torbrin Market Office is a bustling center of commerce as customers and couriers dart into and out of the building on their business. Its stone and wood facade gives the building a dependable, approachable look. A buzz of conversation surrounds the tall building as orders are placed and manifests are exchanged. While the crinkle of parchment and the scratch of quills fills any gap in the murmur of voices; the bookkeepers accounting for each piece of cargo, note procured payments, and coordinate the Torbrin trade network.

Visitors & Routines

  The Market Office is alive with visitors during its daytime business hours. Around the clock, people from across the city come to pick up and place orders like blood rushing through a heart of trade. Names and faces appear one moment and vanish the next, but a few regular customers visit the Torbrin Market Office in a predictable pattern. Additionally, Matthias Torbrin visits the office on a semi-regular basis. He always seems to be around when he is most needed and can be counted on to appear at the signing of every major deal.
  • Tradesman Rhu - A young man and rising star among the merchants in the city. He is a close ally of the Torbrins and often has his stock of fabrics and thread delivered directly through them
  • Representative Irium - A foreign diplomat from an exotic island nation. He speaks only in a foreign tongue that none but Matthias Torbrin seemed to understand. His brethren occasionally send secure packages to be picked up at the Office.
  • Elias Dods - An eerie old man from a distant land and a collector of all manner of strange occult objects. He regularly exchanges packages at the Office and arranges for shipments to be brought in from the docks.
  • Lilah Devou - A beautiful local girl whose family lives in a neighboring village. She is as friendly as they come and seems to have a friend to greet everywhere she goes. She lovingly sends letters through the Office every week addressed to her parents and sister.





      The Market Office is a full three stories tall, built of stone, and braced by fine wood. The Market Office has a simple and inviting architecture that accentuates its modest height. At least one entrance adorns every wall of the building with any access to the street, allowing its many customers to dart in and out with ease. Several large windows break up each floor and allow light to pour into the building. The third floor shimmers during the day as the large bay windows that dominate each of its walls reflect the sunlight into a brilliant display of glassworks.


      The interior of the Market Office is respectfully furnished but reserved in its extravagance. The many desks laid out neatly on the first floor awaiting client and clerk were all utilitarian in design but made from fine materials. A handful of sectioned-off offices allowed for private meetings and the accounting done by this floor's bookkeeper. The second floor was dominated by recording and sorting staff. Every order and package was accounted for and sent off to its respective destination, with information reported and coordinated with the floor's chief bookkeeper. The building's third floor is off-limits to all but the personal guests of Matthias Torbrin and his immediate family. The private floor houses the family offices, the records vault, and several large conference rooms reserved for the family's personal use.
    Torbrin Coin Seal 1 by Graylion & Tillerz

    Torbrin Name

    Matthias Torbrin
    Torbrin Noble Family
    Torbrin Trading
    Torbrin Estate
    Torbrin Dock Warehouse
    Torbrin Market Office

    Alternative Names
    The Exchange
    Parent Location
    Owning Organization

    Neutral Ground

    Rumor has it that on the third floor, a safe room is hidden away that has facilitated agreements between foreign diplomats, rival crime lords, and even warring kings.


    Author's Notes

    My thoughts for this place was a chaotic bustle of orders and receipts on the first floor feeding up to the second floor that processes the mountainous stacks like a mechanical machine. At the pinnacle sits the Elder Torbrin and the mysterious deals done behind closed doors.

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    This article was written by the creative and talented WiredIn and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by WiredIn, visit Ravare.

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