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1671 PS

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As time progresses, it breaks itself up into notable and well defined sections. Cycles. We call them cycles because, as the adage goes, history has a way of repeating itself. In one form or another there are always ups and downs, good times and bad, treacherous conquerors and stalwart defenders.   The age is the Cycle of Man. After Jal'raxes' defeat at the hands of Moryggyn, all of the known tribes of man were freed, and they spread across the world, populating as far as the eye could see. Those most in tune with what's under the land, the dwarves, came out of their holes, spreading the knowledge of anvil and craftsmanship amongst mankind. Soon after, the elves, those most in tune with what's on the land came back to this realm, and with them the knowledge and understanding of the Weave.   While the arcane arts were taught with care to select individuals, humans can be fickle. Those whom the elves thought of as friends began to twist the Weave in ways that shouldn't have been possible. This was the cause of the Scattering.   The Scattering was an event in which there was an outpouring of magically energy that drastically changed the land and the peoples that are within it. Mountains became oceans, beaches deserts. It formed the land as we know it today, and is also the origin of countless magical and otherworldly creatures.   Over sixteen hundred years have passed since the Scattering. Kingdoms have come and gone, wars fought and lost. Darkness has slowly crept it's way across the land, leaving bastions of civilization as little points of light in an otherwise dark night. The darkness, however, is traversable...if you have the gall to face the horrors that await you.