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Cookhouse Inn


The Cookhouse Inn offers quite a unique possibility to its customers, at least in some regard. Its customers can make their own food if they so wish, and even take part in some profit in selling their product to other Inn customers, should they be given the all-clear by the cook; an older human male named Dervin Olter, who has a past as a mercenary and a former regular of the Cookhouse Inn.  


Outside the Cookhouse Inn

From the outside, it is a fairly simple-looking two-story building, with its first story being built from thick granite stone slabs, and its second story being built from wood that’s painted red. Two large chimneys can be found at the ceiling, with one that always gives off at least a faint trail of smoke. The door is made out of simple darkened wood and each side of the inn has three windows each. Two at the top, one at the bottom.  

Inside the Cookhouse Inn

Walking inside, one will find oneself in a large open-space room whose roof is held up by wooden pillars placed at regular intervals. Several round tables with four chairs each can be found placed in exact rows, with the south end of the room being occupied with two simple sofas and a low table in front of a large hearth.
On the right side of the door, one will find the bar, behind which the owner of the Cookhouse Inn can usually be found. An gentle old woman named Vilary Gernstone, who always have a pleasant smile on her lips.
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