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Guildhall of Plumbers


At A Glance

  The Guildward, as expected, is the home of many of the city's guilds. Among the various guildhalls spread out through the ward one can find the rather strange looking Cellars & Plumbers Guildhall, also known as Herbert the Third among guild's men.     Brightly painted pipes and grandiose waterworks protrude from the guild's walls in every direction in an impressive display of plumbery. A few plumbers are sat on wooden planks, hanging from the windows, working on some new installation. Inside, various groups of men are sat at tables, discussing over blueprints of mansions and large buildings.     Not a single person sits idly within the walls of the guild, all focused on some project or another. In the basement some of the higher-ranking members are discussing of future contracts the guild might take on.    

An Underestimated Guild

Lets be honest. Us plumbers, we aren't as fancy as the jewelers or as wealthy as the merchants. But when it comes to power, heh- no one compares to us.
— Guildmaster
  The plumber's guild holds the city's survival in its hands. The sewers, canalisations, all of the basic installations on which the city depends are taken care of by the plumbers. Through a strong union between all the plumbers of the city, they have managed to certify their political position to become one of the more influential agents in its political landscape.    

Herbert the Third

Lovingly nicknamed after its founder, Herbert the Third is one of the most unstable looking buildings in the Guildward, despite also being one of the most well maintained. The building has known an expansion proportional to its guild's growth, and each new addition is handed over to a different member as a rite of passage of kinds.     It rises some three and a half stories tall, depending on the angle one looks at it. The building serves mostly as a meeting place for official guild business, and most plumbers have their own offices in the district.
Parent Location

Plot Hook:

  • In the midst of a new deal being drafted, the Plumber and Cellar's guild has proven itself unreticent to cooperate, asking for a higher pay. The party is asked to intimidate the guild into cooperating with the plan.

  • One of the new waterworks breaks, causing a tremendous flood in the Guildward.



    This article was written by the creative and talented TheChangeling and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by TheChangeling, visit the Interarcanum.


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