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Order of the Forge


"Do you want to know the secret of metal? If you really do, meet me at noon and don't be late. It's the most appropriate time for someone like you to start their journey into the mysteries of metal craft. How do I know?. I'm the Blacksmith, lad. I'm always the Blacksmith and I know when someone has the right skills to feed to the forge"
— Ferdinand "Mild Forge" to a hand-picked apprentice.
      There is a stereotype for blacksmiths, of a large muscled man, heat-worn face, and burn scars of the trade. That stereotype cannot describe Ferdinand "the Mild", Master of The Order of the Forge. He is a slight man, with hair to color of copper always ready with a wide smile of wooden teeth. His building is a mix of storefront, shop, guildhall, home and training center.     Ferdinand Mild, or simply "Mild Forge" as his friends and a few enemies call him Nobody,or at least very few people, knows how he does such wonders with his forge. If you address him with rumours he made crowns for kings of distant lands or swords that have slayed great and ferocious animals he just smiles and says "it's true,it's all true. Don't expect false modesty from me"   Mild Forge has many apprentices and they seem to love their master very much. Some of Mild forge's competition have done anything from offering truly absurd amounts of gold to his students,from outright begging, to poach his students. That has seldom worked, the student to master loyalty runs thick and impervious like iron. The apprentices,some of whom do fit the afore mentioned stereotype work on several stores,each neatly divided into cubicles where the apprentices can work undisturbed,but also can ask for help if they need it. There's a feeling of friendship and companionship permeating the place. The smell of burning metal and the rhythmic sounds of anvil and hammer are sometimes very present to the senses sometimes they are quite disturbing.   Folks from all walks of life makeup his legion of clients for the Order of the Forge. There are Nobles and merchants to farmers and small folk he services a wide variety of clients.   , they all feel the need of weapons to defend themselves, decorations for their homes and armor.   The building where the order resides is an immense building, made of brick and mortar. It looks like any other building. But many swear up and down that those walls could withstand siege engines without toppling.
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This article was written by the creative and talented Nicolas Milioni and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more published items by Nicolas Milioni, visit his listing in the Storyteller Vault on DriveThurRPG.


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