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Black Eagle Tavern



At a Glance

"You know, this place wasn't always the packed tavern it is today. There was a time we only had that bit of the building there. And we only started calling it a pub for uh... legal reasons, if ya see what I mean."
— Delfar to a new recruit.
  Located on the eastern outskirts of the Guild Ward, the Black Eagle is one of the most popular taverns among the workforce of the district. It is packed almost all day long, including a brisk evening business. Music often escapes the half-opened windows, as a parade of performers graces the abode's stage.    

A Welcoming Tavern

  The Black Eagle's staff is made up of a team of 12 people and is owned by a man named Delfar. Delfar is a face well known by all and seen conducting business in the Black Eagle most hours of the day or night. He is well liked by his customers, his clients and casually tolerated by his competition. He handles new business or serious business challenges in his underground office.   The tavern offers a large selection of drinks and hefty meals, all sold at affordable prices for the workers who come to lunch and dine on their breaks. Most customers are craftsmen in some sort of guild or another, though the tavern does propose a few private rooms if wealthier clients wish to conduct some meetings of some kind or another.    

A Well Crafted Front

  What few people know is that the tavern was built by Delfar as a front for his smuggling business. In the cellars below the tavern, hidden behind the barrels of food and beer, hide impressive quantities of stolen goods. While Delfar himself rarely partakes in theft and the like, he offers a safe place for criminals of all sorts to stash their goods as long as they wish to, for a price.   Delfar is assisted in his illegal operations by the strongly loyal staff of the tavern. Each of them is hired for some unique competence that helps run both sides of the Black Eagle's business, and most of them are wanted criminals in hiding of some kind or another.    


  The Black Eagle tavern is a two story high building, with a large cellar below it. Both the kitchens and the largest part of the dining area are located on the first floor, while the second floor consists of additional tables located around an open balcony giving on the first floor.   The cellar itself is divided in two parts: a first, small cellar where barrels and food is kept, and a second larger room hidden behind a secret door where Delfar keeps all of his client's goods.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location


Delfar is the owner of the Black Eagle Inn, as well as a talented smuggler and grifter. He has tanned skin, short black hair stranded with grey hairs, and a short peppered beard. He is considered by most to be quite attractive, in a "woodcutter" kind of way.   While he was a prolific thief as a younger man, he know prefers to deal with the more formal side of his businesses, filling papers and maintaining the tavern's records from the comfort of his office.


Plot Hooks:

  • Delfar is looking for some trustworthy people to smuggle some goods outside of the city.
  • A jealous rival of Delfar wishes to steal his client's goods, in hopes of discrediting him and stealing his business.



    This article was written by the creative and talented TheChangeling and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by TheChangeling, visit the Interarcanum.


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