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In the old age of Antearcanum, the world was filled with little magic and wonder. Gods and the like ruled supreme, as they do today, but mortals were at the mercy of the world around them. Centuries old cities could be brought down in a day by dragons and the like, ships destroyed by the monsters that roamed the seas. Every journey could be your last, for in the face of danger you only had your companions and yourself to count on. Only the favour of a Deity could change that.

Then came Interarcanum, the Age of Magic.

A forgotten hero, after many perilous journeys, managed to free magic from the cage it had been kept in for so long. She was punished harshly for her actions, but they could not be undone: the weave, absent for so long from the world, was now tied to its very core.

We find ourselves almost 3 centuries later, and much was changed by the arrival of magic. Many have sought to abuse it, just as many have found in magic a tool to better the world around them. Not a day goes by without a new innovation seeing the day. It is in this world of magic and monsters that we will find our heroes.