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Kenderfoot Hearth

The Hearth is not only a tavern or an inn with halflings as its proprietors, it is a thriving community for halflings folk that reached into all aspects of their life and family. The Hearth has employed and kept safe generations of halflings providing a way point in a new city, a place to get settled, build a family or even join a family.
Crime! Ha! At the Hearth? No you are mistaken, the most I have ever seen is a shrewd traveling merchant trying to cheat the price of his services. Do the words halfling gang pile mean anything to you? It's a site to see, if they get excited enough to dish out some lumps. Of course I do remember a rather dumb Dust Man claiming that a bowl of chili landed on something expensive, however he was shy to give me details.
— Guildward Guardsman

At A Glance

  The hearth is a solid three story stonework tavern and inn with several ground floor extensions that have obviously been added on after the initial construction. The scent of home charred sausages and caramelized onions spare with fresh baked breads to sooth your road weary hunger. You can hear the low level chatter of patrons mixed with the clink of metal cups, while an enchanted voice lulls you to join the warmth of the Hearths fireplace.    

Main Floor

  The double door swing in and you are greeted with the warmth and revelry of an active establishment. Off to the left a bartender passes dark ales and glowing spirits with interest and wit, his hands always in motion with an empathetic smile on his face. Patrons are scattered throughout the tables eating, drinking and enjoying the entertainment. Large cookpots waft the aroma and steam of home style hearty recipes. A clean wooden stage is nestled on the far wall opposite the entrance with petite ephemeral singer moving with grace and holding her audience in rapt attention. Along the right wall a massive hearth holds a blazing fire that floods the room with inviting warmth. Several single doors lead out of the main room while two separate stairwells ascend to the second floor with an open balcony wrapping the main room.  
Kenderfoot Hearth Bar.png


  Along the far left wall a massive glossy bar top demands the attention of this section of the inn. The bar is a single piece of solid mahogany wood. A short platform run behind the bar allowing the bartender to stay level with the bar top and the guests to be at the proper height.
  When the activity at the bar wanes You will find a tiered back-bar with a chaotic assortment of bright bottles. At a moments gesture the bottles launch to life and begin to glide to the bartenders need. They hover and orbit into hand eager to pour forth their vibrant contents. Each time a particular bottle is needed it seems to have already maneuvered to the front within easy reach and reseeds as the bottle is returned. The Hearth is well known for their spirits being unique and of high quality, never considering any cheap well offerings.
  Four tapped casks rest on the back wall behind the bar with a small step. Each of the casks has a brass tap and spigot that gets lots of use. Many of their specialty spirits come from the Morana Merchant House.

Kitchen & Cook Pots

  Two cook pots rest in the far back corners of the bar on a low flame warming for service. Most fresh food products are sourced locally from farm to table with frequent trips to the Half-Moon Field especially when the The Sapphire & Silk Caravan Co. is there to unload exotic seasoning and spices from afar. A rhythmic chop chop drifts from the kitchen where two more backup cook pots are always in preparation. A common question is why don't they offer a larger bowl which gains a smile and a simple reply, we only own one size bowl, but your welcome to order seconds.  
Kartare Boar & Potato Stew
  One of the crowd favorites which has robust spicy sausage flavors and potatoes from Zugor Family Farm. Rich cream and a canvas of herbs and spices with a secret ingredient to give it a deep radiating heat that stays with you.

Inspired by my Sausage & Potato Soup recipe ...
Dire Fire Chili
  A close second to their signature stew is a hearty house chili with dire sausage from the Lost Luck Ranch followed with vegetables from the Zugor Family Farm. The secret of its heat is Linmar Root oils blended with efreeti peppers. One point of contention over this tasty chili is the fact potatoes are added, however naysayers only discuss it quietly and usually with a full bowl of chili. It is well known that cocoa is added to their chili giving a deep rich flavor but the exact type is also a guarded secret.

Inspired by my Chili & Potatoes recipe ...
  In the corner of the kitchen are stone stairs leading down to the basement where extra supplies are stored. Several wash basins are in the corner for washing pots, pans and utensils.


  The pantry acts as a muli-purpose area providing quick and easy storage for the bar and kitchen supplies, a table and chairs for staff to rest. There is a counter with three wash basins for cleaning bowls and mugs. The back door is kept locked an hour before and after night. This is also used for loading in new product for the bar, kitchen and sleeping rooms. Out the back door and to the right is a water well and a washing station for linens. To the left and around the building is the stable and the outhouses.

Kenderfoot Hearth Stage.png


  A slender elven girl draped in a gossmar of flowing red sings and dances as if lost within herself, her movements a gentle art in motion and her voice an ephemeral mist caressing her audience. Valendri is a well known local performer that makes regular appearances here. The stage is constructed of of small dark planks that have been alchemically treated to resist wear and age. Several silver lantern are hung at the parameter of the stage casting a soft glow.
Kenderfoot Hearth Fireplace.png


  A pair of massive stone hearths dominate the wall to the right of the main entrance or opposite the bar. With these twin oversized fireplaces the inn is well known for being one of the coziest places in Ptolus as the warmth permeates not just the main room but the entire building. Any dwarf will gladly remind you that it bears the spark of the dwarven forge so of course its warm.
Aye its Dwarven craftsmanship, how could that even be a question? Do you see how close the the brick layers are and the color or those bricks? Pure perfection. And when we light a forge or fire it is meant to stay lit. Have you ever seen it out? And you never will. I'm tearing up just looking at it. Another mug of dark while I take in her luscious curves.
— Drombor a dwarven patron
  It is not uncommon to find children or families gathered to warm themselves by the fire. It's also a popular pastime to for bards and travelers to tell stories of wonders and far off lands by the warmth and light of the hearth.    

Second Floor

  The second floor landing and rail wraps around and above the entire main floor common room making for a very large open area. The second and third floor host the sleeping rooms for the Hearth, which are well known for their family coziness, cleanliness and high quality accoutrements. The majority of the rooms are for "big folk", with a small quantity of rooms for "folk" and "giants". Room for "big folk" are sized for almost everyone such as humans, elves and dwarves. Room for "folk" are sized for halfling and gnomes while there are a couple of rooms for "giants" like goliaths. It is fairly common for the giant rooms to be rented for wedding nights or even more extracurricular activity like all night parties, quiet parties.  


Reading Room

  This relaxation and recreation room offers a haven from the daily storm of activity. A place to read or study. Also a popular gathering place for an adventuring groups or caravan leaders planing their next expedition. Scattered with two large comfortable sofa's and two over stuffed chair around a large planing table. A couple of different desks with ink pots and extra parchment are in the corners. An eccentric gathering of books are on shelves or rest about them room donated from locals or travelers passing through. These books run the range of subjects from fiction to non-fiction. The reading room doubles as an education room for the halfling families in the early morning using the wide range of books as their tools.  

Third Floor

  The third floor has a mix of rooms for the halfling families that own and operate the Hearth.    


  Stone stairs leading down from the kitchen to the basement.    




  Outside the inn attached to the hearth wall is a common bath area. Three large wooden bath tubs are filled with clean clear steaming water. Each tub sets on a slightly raised stone step and has a clockwork brass spout for releasing the used water into the floor drains. What ever dwarven enchantment that fuels the hearth also extends to the bathing tubs as they are comfortablely warm within minutes of refilling them. While rarely used three privacy screens are positioned along the walls. The bath area has one attendant that checks in every 30 minutes or so to assist or clean and seems to know if you are staying at the inn or not.
Kenderfoot Hearth Stable.png

Outhouses & Stable

  To the left of the main entrance stands a separate small building which holds the outhouses and the stable. There are five outhouse which are kept clean on a constant basis each touched with a dash of apple oil infused with Linmar Root for scent. The small and tidy stable holds one pony belonging to the Hearth. The stable is otherwise rarely used but is a good option for a traveler just stopping in Ptolus for a couple of nights and moving on. A small worn wagon sits behind the stable for daily trips to the farms and merchants for products.


Kenderfoot Hearth
Kenderfoor Hearth 3d

Map Images

Kenderfoot Hearth Base Map Image

Kenderfoor Hearth 3d Base Map Image


  • Kenderfoot Hearth
  • Kenderfoor Hearth 3d
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Each meal is served hot and includes bread, cheese and water.



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Dancer in Red



Author's Notes

All maps in this article prepared by myself using Dungeon Alchemist

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The atmospheric descriptions of the main rooms and the floor plans give the place life. I loved the quotes, particularly the dwarf. Proud dwarven craftsmen are the best.

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