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Guild Ward

  This is where much of the city’s commerce takes place. Most local guilds have their headquarters in the Guildsman District. In this chapter you will find descriptions of the city’s largest breweries and tanneries, the Foundry, and the Stockyards. It also contains such strange places as the Darkbirth Madhouse and the Midden Heaps.   The Guildsman District is a large section of Ptolus located in the southeastern portion of the city, bounded by the Cliffs of Lost Wishes to the east, the city wall to the south, Iron Street to the north, and Carriage Row to the west. In this industrial area, ore is smelted, livestock is slaughtered, and artisans ply their trades.  
Ptolus 5e (pg170)
The Guild Ward is where the real work gets done! So pass me another brew, I've a powerful thirst from pushing the gears of commerce forward again today.
— Harmond after shift at the Mystic Oasis Tavern

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