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Blue Thread


At a Glance

The sun has barely come out from behind the city scape, and already the streets start filling with people. Servants and carriers run from shop to shop, gathering their masters' orders before they awake, while one by one the window shops light up. One particular store stands out among the others, its facade painted a lovely pale blue.

Elegantly dressed mannequins stand behind the glass, draped in delicate fabrics and colourful cloths. Among them is a seamstress, pins held tight between her lips, brows furrowed as she focuses on fitting a new cape on one of the models. Satisfied with her work, she walks to the front door to hang a wooden panel, opening the shop for business.

Running the Shop

The long time owner of the shop is Deda Norris. She is is currently in her late forties, and inherited the shop from the previous owner after having worked as his apprentice for many years. She wishes to turn the Blue Thread into a family business. As such, her three daughters help out on the regular.

The eldest, Breonna, is in her mid twenties. She is the head seamstress of the shop, and works with her youngest sister Lillian to produce most of the custom orders they sell. Meanwhile Marga, the middle child, is currently learning how to manage the business from her mother. She is in charge of acquiring the fabrics required, negotiating with potential clients and overall running the finances of the shop.

Clientele and Services

The Blue Thread is one of the more high end clothing shops in the South Market Ward. They make custom clothes for only the most prestigious citizens of the city, often using fine and foreign cloths for their designs. They are at the forefront of the city's fashion, as whatever innovation they bring is usually replicated throughout the city within the following month.
Mother! You cannot expect me to go court the Duke's son in that old rag. No, I simply must have a new Blue Thread gown!
— Spoiled noble
Because most of Blue Thread's clothing is custom made, prices may vary drastically between the needs and wants of different clients. Orders are prioritise one who pays the most, resulting in many creations adorned with gems, golden threads, delicate embroideries and the like.

The Building

The Blue Thread is a small building, its outside walls painted in a pale light blue while the dark wooden foundations are left bare. It is made up of three flights. The first floor is where Deda greets the clients, and where some ready to buy dresses and suits are stored. There is a small backroom where clients are measured and fitted with their new clothes.

The second floor is divided in two parts: on one hand there is a small office from which Marga does the accounting work, and a large workshop where Deda, Breonna and Lillian work on the clothes they sell. Finally, the third floor is a small attic in which all the required materials are stored.
Shop, Tailor
Parent Location

Plot Hook:

- Deda needs a special item for an order, and will pay handsomely for it. This can be a rare gem, some dragon scales, some kind of rare animal hide, and so on.
- Lillian has been communicating with the son of a regular client through secret letters. However that client is rich and powerful, and unhappy that a commoner is flirting with his son. The noble tries to hire the party to dispatch Lillian.

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This article was written by the creative and talented TheChangeling and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by TheChangeling, visit the Interarcanum.


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