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Teal-Leaf Apothecary

Please...please...come in out of the cold, my friend. Tell me what ails you, and perhaps we can pluck something from the garden to ease your suffering.
— Orn Teal-Leaf

At a Glance

Teal-Leaf Apothecary is a small establishment nestled into the South Market Ward. The shop is so far from any typical thoroughfares that few travelers would come across this place by accident. Yet as uninviting as its decrepit storefront is, any local knows it is a place they will always find help. Orn Teal-Leaf, its sole proprietor, has a voluminous heart that drives him to care for any wayward souls that find their way into his humble shop. He offers a wide variety of herbal products, all sourced from his personal greenhouse. The Apothecary only ever asks fair prices for goods, whether that be through gold or barter.
Alternative Names
Doc Orn's
The Glass Castle
Teal House
The Pauper's Garden
Parent Location


It is a common rumor that in old man Orn's greenhouse you can find cures for all that may ail you. Blends of exotic herbs and distillations of powerful extracts offer easement of most known diseases and ailments both mundane and magical.

Visitors and Routines

Many would find it surprising that the Teal-leaf Apothecary has any regular visitors other than its owner Orn Teal-Leaf. Living attached to the storefront allows Orn to care for his plants and manage the store without ever leaving his property. The customers of the Teal-leaf are few and far between but always welcome into the warm embrace of Orn's hospitality. Most of the Apothecary's clientele are those who cannot afford the care they need or those seeking a purely herbal remedy for their plight.
  • Local Hooligans - When a local kid gets caught up in the city's seedy underbelly, they will inevitably end up on the Teal-leaf doorstep. They are promptly patched up and sent on their way with a stern prescription to revaluate their lives before it's too late.
  • Madame Margret - An ancient hag of a woman who operates Longarm Butchers at the edge of the South Market Ward. The Madame only trusts the tinctures and brews made by Orn himself and insists all other doctors will almost certainly poison you.
  • Constable Broderick - A local guardsman that suffers from chronic pain caused by an old war wound comes to Orn periodically for herbal remedies. He is always grateful and keeps a sharp eye out for any trouble targeting the shop while on patrol.



The Teal-Leaf storefront is a ramshackle work of warped wood and rusted metal seemingly tacked onto the front of a stone building. A faded sign hangs above the door depicting a teal plant sprouting from a pot. Behind it rises a traditional but meager home entirely dwarfed by the greenhouse rising above it all. Its glass dome was almost opaque from the humidity inside, distorting the creeping vines that grew up the dome's interior. It stands nearly two and a half stories tall made entirely of glass and metal. The entire building is an old construction, and the greenhouse glass, in particular, has yellowed with age from decades under the sun.


The storefront of the Teal-Leaf Apothecary left much to be desired. The door didn't close right, the windows let in a dreadful draft, and deep shadows claimed much of the room's interior. A polished counter was practically the only furniture in the room. Every other inch of space in the store was devoted to countless plants and clippings. Behind the counter is an entrance to the house and its meager collection of basic rooms. The house contains an unremarkable kitchen, bedroom, den, and washroom. Out the backdoor and down the garden path is the towering greenhouse. The interior is a dense maze of shelves, planting beds, and a web of hanging pots. Many exotic plants grow here, envigorated by the near-tropical environment cultivated inside.


Author's Notes

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This article was written by the creative and talented WiredIn and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by WiredIn, visit Ravare.

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