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Courageous Cup Inn

At A Glance

  A well kept, whitewashed building at the edge of the South Market Ward, the Courageous Cup Inn is a place of rest and relaxation for the more prim and proper visitors to the city. With two upper stories of comfortably sized sleeping rooms and a large, well stocked kitchen, and common room on the ground floor, the Courageous Cup has a lot to offer its patrons.  

First Impressions

  The jovial atmosphere of the Courageous Cup Inn is apparent as soon as you walk in. A bard dances lithely between tables as her fingers fly over fret and string, the virtuoso clearly in her element. Silas Hocutt, a half-dwarven male with a tight beard runs things behind the bar and in the kitchen, while his wife Tessa and their son, Olin take care of the rooms and supplies.  


  Any well-to-do citizen looking for a quick bite/drink or a place of respite would be more than welcome at the inn. Whereas a lot of bars cater the rougher crowds, the Courageous Cup is more for the everyday law abiding citizen. Silas runs a fairly tight ship, bus as such his business is doing quite well for itself.   He built the inn when his investments in a ruby mine made him a tidy profit. Pouring all his savings at the time into purchasing the building and getting it up and running, he’s since made quite the business out of it, and often only has one or two rooms of 20 available.  


  Aside from the traditional fare you can expect from an inn, Silas also offers up his wood and stone carving skills to any who are interested, and is quite skilled at it. He has a variety of holy symbols and the like available for purchase, but also takes special orders and commissions if there’s something in particular that you’re needing or wanting to get.   Olin also manages and leads pilgrimages to various holy sites nearby, teaching about his god to any who will listen (and give donations).  

Who's Who & History

  Silas Hocutt - Silas Hocutt is proprietor of the Courageous Cup Inn, and is an excellent wood and stone carving, being able to work pieces of these materials into holy symbols or other items. He is quite good at his craft, and wants to potentially open an actual shopfront just for his carvings, and maybe find someone else to run the inn for him. He has long amber hair typically kept back in a loose ponytail, and a well trimmed beard.   Tessa and Olin - Tessa Hocutt is not what she seems; she is a succubus, and has enslaved Silas entirely. Olin is in on it as well, and is actually her lover and co-conspirator. He made a pact with a balor to funnel honest souls onto “pilgrimages”, which in reality are just death marches into whatever devious plans the balor has for them.  

Rumors & Secrets

  Some clever people have caught snippets of incriminating conversation between Tessa and Olin, and others have caught them being a little too handsy for mother and son. Asking the right people the right questions might get someone the information they need to bring this plan into the light.
Parent Location
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Author's Notes

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This article was written by the creative and talented Ultrahuntr and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by Ultrahuntr, visit Ashua.

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