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Clockwork Dragon

At a Glance

A towering three-story building resembles that of an eccentric warehouse turned upon its side. Steel girders and supports surround the amalgamation of stone and wood whilst massive gears with hundreds of teeth bite into one another, producing a dull humming sound that can be heard through the crowd. This edifice, a marvel in its own right, was not always a single story. It is said that the owner, a particularly canny gnome by the name of Kedreck Hilton, decided that he needed more space for his inventive spirit and simply erected a second and third story to house his contraptions. A small metallic dragon curled around a stopwatch with its wings fluttering hangs just above the front door. In a glowing script that curls along the length of the dragonoid's body it reads: "The Clockwork Dragon". Two massive glass windows allow passersby to gaze inside to see the inside of the Clockwork Dragon. Within cogs spin against the walls and other massive, unidentifiable contraptions. 
"Wonders for all big and small! Trinkets, baubles, and more! All can be found at the Clockwork Dragon store!"
—Kedreck Hilton, Owner of the Clockwork Dragon
Shelves upon shelves are lined with trinkets and toys whilst others are filled with more practical devices such as ornate pocket watches and mechanical prosthetic limbs. Locks and clocks of varying sizes, styles, and materials hang almost everywhere in the store. A gnomish man with silvery blonde hair down to his shoulders makes his way about the shop, speaking to customers to see if he can help them find anything. He has a brilliantly curled mustache, waxed and oiled, and a beard that comes to two individual points. He wears a tunic and simple trousers with reinforced boots and an apron stained with all matter of oil to keep himself clean. A toolbelt completed with all matter of spanners, hammers, screwdrivers, and more completes his outfit.   
Clockwork Dragon Workbench by Graylion on MidJourneyAI

First Impressions

All matter of clockwork and mechanical marvels are for sale in the Clockwork Dragon. Kedreck Hilton, the gnomish owner, insists that none of his prices are firm and that he simply needs enough coin to keep the business running alongside his personal endeavors. The more well-to-do folk often criticize Hilton for such a practice, as he could be making much more if he simply wished to put flat and firm prices on his work. Kedreck, ever the optimist, believes that anyone who is in need of a prosthetic or a toy for their youngling's birthday should be able to afford gifts. As such, he only charges what the family can afford within reason. 
"That foolish gnome believes that he can run a successful business with minimal profit! Foolish, I say. The man is simply foolish to believe that the common rabble won't attempt to swindle him at every opportunity. How is it fair that I must pay full price for a pocket watch whilst a pauper pays a small percentage?"
—Disgruntled Noble Man
Kedreck has often been known to grant his prosthetics, wheelchairs, and other tools to help the disabled for free. The inventor often claims that he has enough gold to give back to the community that has helped him achieve his dream and that it is simply the least he can do. 
"Be sure to catch his midweek sale if you're in the market for artifice!"
—Laylee Forla, Savvy Shopper
In addition to being fairly priced, Kedreck offers discounts to lure in potential buyers each and every week. His sales are well known, and his shop is often packed whenever something particularly fetching is discounted. Behind his counter are all manner of strange trinkets and baubles. Mechanical spiders, wind-up soldiers, and even clockwork birds and beasts.


Besides the selling of clockwork and artifice, Kedreck is a well-known tinkerer and inventor throughout the Ptolus. He has provided schematics and designs for many different companies and individuals. To customers that Kedreck trusts, he offers new and specialized inventions that could be seen as potentially dangerous. Kedreck's ability to make clockwork contraptions has certainly been the fascination of many a noble who wishes to have Kedreck to themselves. The gnomish genius, however, does not belong to anyone but himself and Teun, the Mother of Machines.
"Kedreck Hilton is a kindly soul and I suspect no wrongdoing on his part, yet I cannot help but wonder what secrets he hides within the second and third stories of the Clockwork Dragon"
Detective Rondan Marlyson
During the evening when the shop is closed, witnesses have reported strange sounds coming from the upper levels of the workshop. Kedreck has a very good reputation amongst these folk, so many simply believe that the fellow is simply working on his next big invention.

Who's Who

Kedreck Hilton

Kedreck is a gnome just over a century in age. Energetic, kind, and charismatic, he is just as much of a gentleman as he is an inventor and artificer. The Clockwork Dragon has been in business for the better part of two decades, slowly gaining notoriety and two additional floors. The craftsman prides himself on giving back to the community that gave him an opportunity to practice his craft here in the city. Not much is known about his family, as he seldom speaks about himself or his personal life outside work.  

Secrets & Rumors

Many a skeptic believe that Kedreck simply maintains an illustrious reputation to keep himself free of suspicion. They believe that he is crafting some sort of marvel in the upper levels of his store that could be incredibly dangerous: a cannon with the power to level buildings, a device that can set anything ablaze with a glint of the sun, or an unstoppable mechanical beast that could raze the entirety of the Ptolus single-handedly.
Clockwork Dragon 02 by Graylion on MidJourneyAI

Parent Location

Clockwork Dragon Googles by Graylion on MidJourneyAI

Clockwork Dragon Prothetic Leg by Graylion on MidJourneyAi


Author's Notes

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This article was written by the creative and talented Sols & Duun and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by Sols & Duun, visit Vos.

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