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South Market

  The South Market offers more shops than open markets, as well as a number of commodities markets and workshops. The proprietors of Blackstock Printing hold an interesting secret, and the Golden Tooth offers wares for those with a taste for gold. But there’s more in this district than just shops. Check out the gambling den known as the Cock Pit and the hideout of the criminal Korben Trollone.   The South Market is one of two market districts in this highly commercial city. It is also the newest of Ptolus’s districts. It stretches from Dalen’s Cliffs in the west to Carriage Row in the east. Its southern boundary is the city wall, and its northern one is a rough line drawn from the north end of Carriage Row to the point where the Emperor’s Road ascends the earthen ramp up to Oldtown. The northern border separating the South Market from Midtown has been an imprecise distinction since the district came into being.  
Ptolus 5e (pg325)
  The Blue Wyrm Tavern is a place stuck in time. Literally. Falling through the roof of the tavern is an adult blue dragon, with the body of a wizard flinging a spell falling beneath him, and the two are literally frozen in time.
— Patron of the Blue Wyrm Tavern  
Alternative Name(s)
South Market
Small Market
Small Market Ward
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