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Suranes Art Gallery



At a Glance

Suranes Art Gallery offering sculptures, original paintings, blown glass, jewelry & fine art reproductions. With an extensive body of artworks by varying selections of artists—a mixture internationally recognized as well as locally established—we involve ourselves in bringing a bigger knowledge and understanding of art to the community.
— Surane Advertisement
  The Suranes Art Gallery is a famous among the city for having one of the most extensive art collections on display. While the Suranes mostly focus on acquiring and displaying the art they own, they will occasionally sell a few of their pieces, for the right price.    

Running the Gallery

  The shop is owned and ran by a mother-daughter duo, Nyssa and Mireille Surane. They are both passionate art collectors, experts in their field, and opened the gallery hoping to share that passion.   In an effort to keep their gallery accessible, the Surane's have decided to allow for free visits. Instead, they make most of their money out of hosting private events in the gallery, as well as renting some wings for private exhibitions or art sales.  
Mireille, have the canopies arrived yet? We need to finish setting up the tables- do you know when Lord Nastril is arriving with the art? Gosh, we are running so late..
— A very stressed Nyssa

The Building

  The art gallery is installed in a rather modern building, built after a fire destroyed the previous housings. It is spacious and flowing, light pouring in from windows and onto the glass works. Because of the worth of what they store inside, it is well known they have invested in arcane commissions to protect both the art and the building.    

Who's Who


Nyssa Surane

  Nyssa is a 50 years old woman of Oerdian origin. She has tan skin, brown hair and misty grey eyes. She is usually dressed in an elegant maner, though sometimes some of her clothes are a little worn.  

Mireille Surane

  The only daughter of Nyssa, Mireille is a 30 years old woman. Like her mother, she has tan skin, though she inherited her auburn hair and pale blue-grey eyes from her father.  
Art gallery
Parent Location

Art Deals

  While most of the events hosted by the Surane's are catered to fellow art lovers, sometimes the pair has no choice to rent their gallery to those who use art as a means to an end in their criminal schemes. In these cases the Suranes do their best to turn a blind eye, wanting nothing to do with these businesses.  

Plot Hooks:

  • The Suranes will soon host an important sales of one of their most prized artworks, and are looking for people to guard their shop.
  • The Suranes are renting their gallery to a mysterious figure who wishes to sell a painting of his. Unbeknownst to all the painting is cursed.

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    Author's Notes



    This article was written by the creative and talented TheChangeling and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by TheChangeling, visit the Interarcanum.

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