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Leaping Jester Inn

At A Glance

  A multicolored harlequin mask adorns a sign on the side of a single story longhouse, two large doors open in the middle, allowing a walkway straight through the building. Light and laughter pour out from the open portals as a man tumbles forward and springs back up off of his hands. A long horse hitch runs the length of one half the building with a trough behind, the wind making the water lap rhythmically against the metal walls.  

First Impressions

  As you step inside the Leaping Jester, the welcoming atmosphere is immediately apparent. Tristan Mibbins runs the Jester with the help of the rest of his troupe, the Farsingers. They are a motley crew of singers, dancers, actors, musicians, and other assorted entertainers. They perform nightly, running their acts between tables or on one of the two stages that exist on either side of the main inn structure.   In the middle of the northern side of the building is a large circular cooking and serving area, with a barkeep, Rosalyn, running around behind the bar furiously pouring drinks and running orders.  


  The Leaping Jester caters to all kinds, but more often than not it is the artsy and more eccentric crowd that find themselves drawn here. A lot of artists and those who trade in it can be found here, and anything you think you might need a creative-type individual for, these are going to be your people. It’s not unusual to see people sketching on sheets of parchment, or writing things down furiously by hand after getting a random jolt of inspiration.  


  The Leaping Jester offers your standard inn fair, but with a little bit of showboating as well, such as food being tossed or thrown through the air only to be caught swiftly on a plate by another staff member. They also have a wide assortment of beers and ciders on tap, sourcing them from the patrons who frequent the inn.  

Who's Who & History

  Tristan Mibbins - Tristan Mibbins is a human male in his late 20s, and he’s basically the brains of the operation that is the Farsingers. He manages the larders and keeps the books straight while the rest of the troupe manages the private rooms, cooking and entertainment.   The Farsingers - A once traveling group of actors, bards and other creative folk, the Farsingers are now mostly settled into their relatively newfound “Inn”-tertainment role. They run tables, mind the private rooms of the inn, and also help keep the common areas of the inn clean and ready for use by the various patrons.   The members, in order of seniority are Adderfang, Rosalyn, Tristan, Ghad, Hudson, Petyr, Donlin, and Varc, but Tristan more or less leads the group now that he’s in charge of the Inn, the groups largest and also most volatile asset.  

Rumors & Secrets

  Hudson has made it openly known how he doesn’t support Tristan, and thinks that he has too much power despite not being the highest in terms of seniority. Tristan was recently attacked while shopping one day in the market, and some think that Hudson was behind the whole thing. He claims innocence, but there are many who don’t believe him, but also have no proof to the contrary.
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This article was written by the creative and talented Ultrahuntr and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by Ultrahuntr, visit Ashua.


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