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The Pit Arena

“Relax boy, that’s only the first of many teeth you’ll lose in this hole. Now pick yourself up and fight like a man.” - Gregor to a fresh whelpling.

At A Glance

  Tucked away in an otherwise unassuming old manor in Midtown, the Pit is an underground fighting ring and crime hall ran by Otko that unites all kinds over something they all find entertaining; violence. The name comes from the fact that the actual fighting area is a literal pit in the dirt, sitting in a manor's cellar floor in Midtown Ward.  

First Impressions

  Between various security measures for entry and an efficient group of goons on staff, the Pit is an efficient and deadly business, and it has made Otko filthy stinking rich. The scrupulous Half-orc has managed to bribe or blackmail any official who might even remotely damage his business. As such, he has a monopoly on a particular sort of entertainment.   After entering the courtyard, which is surrounded by a high wooden fence all the way around, you’re greeted to a flood of booths and vendors offering all manner of carnal decadence and debauchery that one might want to participate in, with people constantly brushing past you left and right. Pushing through to the manor proper, the first floor has been almost entirely gutted, allowing as many viewers as possible to the main attraction.   The Pit itself is rather unassuming, a crude 20x20 square hole 10 feet deep in the middle of what was once a wine cellar beneath the manor. The walls of the Pit have been shored up since it was first dug, and the bricks that once made up the floor of the cellar now function as footholds for the combatants to climb in and out with. Both the cellar and the ballroom above it are as bare, allowing for audiences to stand.   The second floor has been left primarily intact, including what was previously the bedrooms which have since been converted into offices. The area of the floor above the first floor ballroom has been removed except for a catwalk shored up around the perimeter of the room. It is here Otko conducts his business and his judges monitor the fights.  


  The Pit attracts all kinds. Gamblers, cheats, murderers, con men. Down-on-their-luck farmers. Nobles who need a way to funnel money and have it be untraceable. If it requires skullduggery, this is the place to do it.   Given the nature of this place, upper class citizens make a prime target for cutpurses and gangs. Appearing to be well-off would not be a good idea here if one wanted to remain unnoticed.  

The Pit [WIP]

  The manor house itself is where the actual fighting takes place, with rooms on the bottom floor having been allocated as barracks for the combatants, as well as storerooms for Otko and private lodgings for Gregor, the man in charge of running the fights.    Gonna define the structure of the fights and such a bit here  


  Given the nature of the potential customers that will be entering here to shop, the services offered here are all a bit more “eccentric” than what you might see offered in most other trade hubs. Assassinations, slaves, prostitutes (including since you seem to be including brothels), poisons, drugs. Anything and everything the less than lawful among you might be interested in finding.  

Who's Who & History

  Otko   The man in charge is a 6 foot 7 Half-Orc named Otko. If he has a last name it isn't know, nor is anything else about his background. He cropped up in town a few years ago, and slowly went from petty thief to criminal overlord of his own little slice of paradise in just a few months. Some people say he was lucky; right place, right time. There are other rumors though, rumors of demons. Rumors of a pact with something greater than himself. No hard evidence has ever been levied against him, but several well-known dissidents of his were found dead or not at all soon after voicing their concerns on this matter. Shank and at least one other bodyguard are always with him.   Shank   Little can be said about Shank that isn't readily obvious just by looking at her. A dirty, lanky, one-handed orc with a makeshift knife prosthetic, coated with rust, dried blood, or both. Hair cut uneven and short, obviously self-styled. She does Okto's dirtiest work for him, and is always right by his side when not on a task. One only approaches Otko through Shank.   Gregor Prost   A talented brawler, duelist and  swordsman, Gregor Prost is a human ex-military captain turned pit-boss and announcer. He is also the head referee, and is the one who officially decides the victor as well as pays out balances after bouts. He has a group of 3 bodyguards with him at all times, as he is the one managing the money on the floor.

Rumors & Secrets

Parent Location



This article was written by the creative and talented Ultrahuntr and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by Ultrahuntr, visit Ashua.


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