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Green Tea Herbal Shop


At A Glance

"What! 10gp for a pot of tea?! That cup better have gold in it..."
— Baffled customer gazing at the "exclusive" section of the menu.

As one walked among the Midtown Ward, they could very easily skip the tiny boutique nestled between two large buildings, if not for the long queue of people patiently lining up in front of it. It bore only the smallest front window, showing a collection of teapots and cups, and above the door hung a painted wooden sign reading "Welcome All, May You Enter With a Peace of Mind."

The air inside is charged with perfumed smells, the various scent of teas all muddled with one another. To the unused nose it might even be overwhelming, but most regulars find the familiar heaviness comforting, knowing a warm cup of tea is waiting for them.
For most, tea is nothing more than an enjoyable drink. But for a few others it is a prestigious affair, greater so than wine. And both of these kinds of people can be assured to always find the very best products at the Green Tea Herbal Shop.

One Thousand and One Teas

The shop, settled within the Midtown Ward, boasts a very specific 1'001 kinds of teas. These range from your basic black or green tea leaves, to exotic mixtures of rare yellow teas from the highest mountains mixed with fruits and the like. Of course, the shop also sells teas meant to help the body relax or focus, to sleep or stay awake.

Running the Shop

The owner is a young lady by the name of Koina. She inherited the shop from her mother, who herself had received it from her own mother. Despite its popularity, the shop remains small in size, never seeking to expand either its clientele or estate. As such, Koina does most of her work alone, only every hiring the occasional help when required.

A Place of Business

Many business men of various types enjoy coming to the tea shop to discuss their affairs. There is an unofficial agreement among the powerful that the tea shop is a neutral ground, where violence and crime of any kind is prohibited. This results in its recurring use as a parley zone, as rivals and enemies come to settle their matters over a shared tea-pot.


The shop is tightly nested between two much larger buildings, meekly rising only one floor among its gigantic neighbours. The first floor is arranged with a few small tables and seats, separated only by decorated paper screens. The walls are lined with jars filled with tea, as well as an impressive collection of decorated teapots.

The second floor is where Koina both lives and works while the shop is closed, keeping track of her shipments and tea stock from her small desk. Whatever teas she cannot store on the first floor are put in the basement, with a few of Koina's personal belongings.
Shop, Generic
Parent Location


Koina is a 22 years old young lady. She is the sole owner of the Green Tea Herbal Shop. She is small, has short black hair, and is typically seen wearing masculine clothing.

Services Offered

Clients of the shop may either stay to enjoy a small cup of tea, sat at one of the few tables within the building, or they may purchase tea to take home in little bags, so that they may make the beverage themselves.

Plot Hooks:

- Following a recent incident within Koina's shop, various crime gangs are looking for someone to solve the affair. (could work well with a who-dunnit murder possibly, all gangs are accusing one another of violating the sanctity of the shop.)
- The party finds out a powerful politician is planning on having an important and secret meeting in the tea shop.



This article was written by the creative and talented TheChangeling and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by TheChangeling, visit the Interarcanum.


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