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Daeva Domain

It feels so wrong. It feels so right. They come back each night, craving for more. And I give it to them. Every time.

Something dead approaches. It is not dangerous because of its strength. And it is inhumanly strong. It is not dangerous because it is fast. And it is faster than anything you have seen before. No. It is dangerous, because it seems more beautiful than everything you could even dream of. You want something, and they will give it to you, until you have nothing left to give to them. Nothing but yourself.



  Perhaps you are newly embraced or an Ancillae of many years just arrived in the city. Keep in mind no kindred of ours is ever really lost, and no children of ours are ever alone. You are always welcome to the safety of the elders’ protection, for each Daeva soul is a piece of art that is meant to be celebrated, and your body is a testament of the chiseled heroes of old. You are now in the domain of beauty, the Crimson Domain onward to the Rose Estate. Please, look up with pride and make sure you port the best of your wardrobe. First impressions are divine, and here presence is many times the key to every door.

City Ward

  So remember, welcome to Midtown! A place for business and recreation, where beauty encompasses the magnific. Where the best of the people is found and where art reigns supreme. A hell better than heaven! Your new rightful home! Hear the crowd walking along the streets and the busy people inside the tenements! There is no place busier than Midtown, the largest ward within the city of Ptolus and the district touches on more of the other city wards than any other. Midtown stretches across the King’s River yet the Elders have selected the Northern portion as Elysium. Midtown is the living breathing heart of this city where commoner, merchant and noble brush shoulders in passing.
Everyone and everything passes through Midtown.
— common local saying
  Welcome to the Crimson Domain, the Rose Domain the Domain of the Daeva Clan. Here are what beautiful dreams are made of.

City Wards

Ptolus City Wards
Ptolus City Wards & Farm Ward by Artgalles

Kindred Domains

Ptolus City Wards
Ptolus City Wards & Shadow War by Artgalles

Domain Lord

  The eldest is no more than the greatest power in our domain. We know him as Blaise, a Family Elder of Clan Daeva, seat of the Elders Council ruling the city in absence of a prince, and a Templar. His eye for the beauty and artistic spirit of people, places and things is almost unmatched. His words are a mellifluous syrup of sheer poetry. If appearance made the man, he would be unequivocally divine. Given his status, in certain regards, he is just not an angel nor a celestial, perhaps the closest thing a demi-god.
  Blaise is a master of the moment wearing silks while orchestrating a grand gala, plate mail while looking the authoritarian or religious vestments setting up his new temple. His face presents perfect symmetry, his eyes are light gray eyes that easily mesmerize anyone looking and him, and his demeanor is always sympathetic, his demeanor nothing less than encouraging. Our clan rallies at his very command, and he is the wall that keeps us in order when our blood screams.

Domain Sanctum

  As you follow the path, you are now standing at the black steel gates of our sanctum the Rose Estate. Mounted before you is the golden shield with its symbol of a black rose gleaming under the moonlight. It represents a symbol of the undying power, danger and beauty of the Daeva. The two halves split and swing open as you are guided through the magnificent rose gardens of the estate by the Trusted of our house each a work of physical art in motion.
  The walls have been covered by our garden's intrepid climbing plants, covering its facade with greenish curtains full of blooming vermillion buds. Before your eyes, you will see the Velvet Garden. ‘Tis a beautiful green space where our dedicated gardeners, and grave keepers, maintain trees dashing, raise bees to maintain the reddish contour of flowers, and where many sitting banks exist for contemplation, or meditation; whatever tickles your fancy. And yes, the trees are somber, and the decoration is designed to let the place be kept in soft low light. I hope I must not have to explain why.
What do you get when you cross a gardener, a grave keeper and blood sorcery?
The Daeva get roses that bloom at night!
— Gangrel joke


Points of Blood

These represent locations that I must share with you or be deemed not worthy of my fangs, no really, I could be punished for failing to provide such an essential knowledge. And since I am allergic to any and all pain or punishment, I shall make my endeavor that you know where to go when you come to your urges, or boredom clouds your best nights.


Blood Halls

  Just across the King’s River of Midtown the Elders have marked this as Elysium. They have also established the Blood Halls within the remnants of the Uncouth Theater a broken-down building avoided by mortals. It is a derelict theater that has seen much better days, but currently, it is kept in such a state to ward off curious mortals and keep its important function beyond praying eyes. The council of Elders holds court here as each new arrived Kindred must step in front of them to be presented to the city. The Blood Halls is well protected by elder disciplines and blood sorcery. An especially of neonate stupidity. Never ever try violence within these hospitable confines. For this is the closest thing you will know as sacred in your undead life.    

Cacophony Whisper

  Relax! Not everything is ardor! While we practice the secret signs and messages of Cacophony better than most Kindred throughout the city, within the Crimson Domain we have designated the Loney Satyr Brothel as our Whisper. This is a location that any clan or covenants may leave the Daeva a message and know we will receive it. The Lonely Satyr is both an excellent meeting spot as well as an easy place to grab a quick sip. Cassandra personally recommends the staff and services which prides itself on being some of the most talented and exotic seen throughout the city. Just never disappoint on paying a proper fare, and do not even try to start some salty tavern brawl, those times where such a thing was tolerated are long gone. Act civilized! I must insist. You may spend some time here learning a thing or two, or just enjoying the afterlife as it was meant to be, all up to you. We the Daeva are gregarious and civil, but beyond that, we are made with nuance and may find the best of us, and the worst of us in everyday life. And it is true.

Temple of Tamaris

  With a deft and subtle touch, Blaise has resurrected the old faith of Tamaris appearing as an Avatar of life, love, and lust. I know the irony, the walking dead a symbol of life, but our majesty makes us walking gods. He has selected a husband and wife to set them as his high priests and begin his work anew. By moving through them he creates a layer of safety should other temples or authorities of the city becomes curious. The temple renovation is complete and provides a wayward place for lost mortal souls to rest or even become a part of something important. This provides the Daeva a herd and house of safety to move freely within, and maybe even stock to select Trusted or embrace new Kindred.

Feast of Indulgence

  Of course, even this undead life requires some sort of currency to take the edge off of forever. The currency of blood and the symphony of entertainment. Otherwise, there is nothing. We would then be just like the Gangrel in their bug-ridden forest, or Nosferatu sewer-dwelling, animals left to their own devices, nothing more than unleashed beasts with way too much power, and little self-control. This ward is ripe with houses of lechery and taverns of alcohol, as well as a myriad of services. You may find most of these things within the businesses, on the street or down a dark alley. Many professional street entertainers of many types put themselves out there to make a coin, maybe it will be your coin and fang. It goes without saying we prefer your feast in the safest places, the ones mentioned for both our dignity and of course the Masquerade.
  My advice to you is to put your best act on. Create a character that easily intermingles with the commoners, life for most of ia a play and the audience are those on whom we prey. Maintain your real self when you are amongst family or superiors, and never give the littlest clue or motif to anybody to know more than your alias, and perhaps your craft. If possible, give color to your skin. If not, keep yourself to the streets and the dim light. For this show is our show as long as we continue acting, dancing, singing, but avoid any spotlight, let them be the protagonist, and you shall enjoy the gifts of living under the shadows.

Suranes Art Gallery

  Next let us speak of art and beauty by mentioning Suranes Art Gallery. There is no limit to the ways you can offer an item here. If you can produce something of beauty or interest, it is a piece that can be tagged to a price. The most common pieces are sculptures, paintings, blown glass, jewelry, and anything within the realm of fine art. Many are the artists that compete each night to come up with a final masterpiece under the pressure of rich sponsors who fight each other in bidding wars. If you want to see real money flowing, there is nothing that comes near to a magical painting, a realistic statue, or jewelry with incredible beauty. The owners of this fine establishment are Nyssa and Mireille Surane. Collectors with expertise and knowledge. If you want real contact in this melting pot of the city, make sure you friend these gals.

Laughing Bard Tavern

  So, if what you want is mingling, drinking, and getting to know prospects, I highly recommend the Laughing Bard Tavern, a perfect place for enjoying good company, if you enjoy comedy, you can watch the rant or monologue during rookies’ nights. It is located in the busiest part of Midtown. You could give it a try if humor still accompanied you in this afterlife, it is excellent to steam off some heat and avoid using cynicism where is not really welcome.


Add two more locations

Out of Bounds

  Also, another tip for survival is if you see a group of varying races, equipped with weapons, holding books, staff, and any exploring tools. Turn to a side, and do not approach them. These are adventurers, a small group of them, is as good as a battalion, and their manners tend to be lacking. We tolerate them because they bring in good business and because they can be even more useful than mercenaries and more daring than many members of a Thieves’ Guild. However, expect very high wages or a magical item or two to provide them, or you won’t ever catch their attention. Even worse is that many of them are book smart and may know something of our kind. If we are ever in danger of being discovered, it is probably the noisy face of one curious and very dead adventurer.
  Never go to the Narred or The Mane; those are no man’s lands. In the Narred the tribal Aram Centaurs roam free and do not easily befriend those not of four-legs. The only reason to go would be a mission, which had best be important. When it comes to the manes, that is a large park that contains the Litorians, a strong tribe mentality, and not a welcome place for us. Stay away from those places, as there is not much to gain or food to find.
  Another important thing to remember, be mindful of Cacophony marks throughout the city. Many are put in subtle places as urban pieces of art, but they are delivered purposely to indicate important information. Take Illmahgo's message in Oldtown offering sanctuary within Foundation Manor to any clan or covenant, but his rules are strict. Or the esoteric short messages of the Mekhet in the North Market reminding you to have business or to be on your way. Or how both Clan Gangrel and the Order of the Dragons claim and share the Farm Ward. I am not sure any of use understand how that works, but they do. Respect the Masquerade, the domains and remember civility and hospitality.
Clan Daeva Kindred by WhiteWingedCrow

What is a ...
Kindred Domain?

  Kindred Domains are a critical element of Vampire society, defining a particular area within the city that is claimed by a specific clan or covenant. Kindred use Domains to conceal and safeguard themselves, while also gathering information, monitoring mortal behavior, and satisfying their insatiable hunger for blood. Operating within the shadows of mortal society, the Kindred Domains are concealed by the Masquerade, and serve as the backdrop for their intricate courtly dramas, intrigue, and political machinations that flow like a river among the vampire elite.

Founding Date
721 Imperial Age
Alternative Name(s)
Crimson Domain
Rose Domain
Location under
Owning Organization

Cover image: Daeva Banner Shattered Vampire Clans by WhiteWingedCrow


Author's Notes

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This article was written by Graylion in the Shadow War Across Creation.

Davina provided creative content through collaboration of related and linked articles. To see more writing and world building by the talented Davina, visit WIRE.

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