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WIP UC Work in Progress Under Construction
While I am very pleased with many of my Summer Camp articles this one should be considered a Work in Progress. It will most likely be edited after the submit date and should not be considered for judging or prizes. Thank you.

Family Elder Blaise
Seat of the Council of Elders
4th of Clan Elder Samuel
of Daeva Antediluvian Toreador the Artist

  Blaise is a Kindred Vampire of Vecna, sired into the Daeva Clan, chose to join the Templar covenant, a Family Elder and sits on the Council of Elders which leads The Shadow War in Ptolus City. Blaise sees opportunities around every corner with the mortals of Ptolus as he lays the foundation for the Daeva infiltrating them at different social and religious levels. By the will of Vecna and his words in the Book of Night Blaise will lead the Kindred and Daeva to success.

Clan & Covenant


Daeva Domain


Domain Sanctum

  As you follow the path, you are now standing at the black steel gates of our sanctum the Rose Estate. Mounted before you is the golden shield with its symbol of a black rose gleaming under the moonlight. It represents a symbol of the undying power, danger and beauty of the Daeva. The two halves split and swing open as you are guided through the magnificent rose gardens of the estate by the Trusted of our house each a work of physical art in motion.
  The walls have been covered by our garden's intrepid climbing plants, covering its facade with greenish curtains full of blooming vermillion buds. Before your eyes, you will see the Velvet Garden. ‘Tis a beautiful green space where our dedicated gardeners, and grave keepers, maintain trees dashing, raise bees to maintain the reddish contour of flowers, and where many sitting banks exist for contemplation, or meditation; whatever tickles your fancy. And yes, the trees are somber, and the decoration is designed to let the place be kept in soft low light. I hope I must not have to explain why.
What do you get when you cross a gardener, a grave keeper and blood sorcery?
The Daeva get roses that bloom at night!
— Gangrel joke


Council of Elders

  The Council of Elders or Primogen is made up of one of each of the five Clans — the term comes from Primogeniture, the rights of the "eldest son". Hence the Primogen is usually populated by the eldest member of each clans, and they serve as an advisory board, representing their clans and giving them a voice within court.    

The Way He Looks



  Blaise, is an imposing figure with a regal and elegant presence. His tall stature commands attention, and his aristocratic demeanor sets him apart. Adorned in noble clothes, he wears a long, stylish coat that adds to his enigmatic allure. His most striking feature is his long, flowing blond hair, perfectly complementing his overall appearance. This luscious mane cascades down his shoulders, adding a touch of otherworldly charm to his pale skin. With piercing icy blue eyes, Blaise's gaze holds an aura of darkness and mystery, captivating those who meet his stare. His refined and chiseled features speak of both sophistication and an underlying strength that only adds to his allure.  

The Way He Acts









  Blaise possesses a formidable array of supernatural abilities, honed through centuries of existence.  



Physical Prowess


Origins of the Mortal Shell




Towards Samuel




Towards Blaise


Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Founded Settlements
Ruled Locations
Important Kindred Articles
Introduction to the shadow War
Vecna - The Undying Father
Book of Night
Tenets of Vecna

Vampire Clans
Vampire Covenants
Vampire Ranks

City Kindred

Cover image: Daeva Banner Shattered Vampire Clans by WhiteWingedCrow
Character Portrait image: Blaise Portrait 01 by Graylion on MidJourneyAI


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Aug 2, 2023 03:19 by Harlen Ogni

I love the way the writing complements the imagery, it's really well done imho

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