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Vampire Clans

  To the children of Vecna, the Kindred of a the God of Vampires, they are more than beasts of similar nature. The Kindred are the blood family of a god, the shadow divine creations that flow directly from the veins of Vecna, a spark of his blood igniting their unlives. Their lineage is forever associated with their sire and clan, thrusting upon them certain traits and assumed mannerisms. Of course a seemingly kempt Nosferatu with superior skills of diplomacy is possible, but considered the odd Kindred out, rowing in the wrong direction of the blood river of immortality.   Vecna's influence is present and realized for his children. This encourages an unspoken cooperation among the Kindred to achieve Vecna's goals, which works against their solitary nature. The Kindred of Vecna still have limited dealings with vampires outside of their clan and are often willing to accept wildly inaccurate statements about their contemporaries.  


Clan Daeva Kindred by WhiteWingedCrow

Daeva Clan

Something dead approaches. It is not dangerous because of its strength. And it is inhumanly strong. It is not dangerous because it is fast. And it is faster than anything you have seen before. No. It is dangerous, because it seems more beautiful than everything you could even dream of. You want something, and they will give it to you, until you have nothing left to give to them. Nothing but yourself.

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Clan Gangrel Kindred by WhiteWingedCrow

Gangrel Clan

Something dead approaches. It comes from the outside of the city, and it moves with the beauty of a wild animal. You can’t escape it. It will hunt you, and if you run, it will follow as an owl, as a wolf, as a raven with beautiful black wings. It may even follow you, hunt you down as thick, bloody mist. And even if you dare attack it, it just won’t die. It shakes off the wounds by your mortal weapons and continues closing in to kill you. Or even worse, let you survive to hunt you again.

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Clan Mekhet Kindred by WhiteWingedCrow

Mekhet Clan

Something dead approaches. You can’t see it, but it can see you. It can see your doing, your feelings, your secrets. It knows, if you betray your wife with that barmaid in the tavern. It haunts you to tell you how you will die, to raise the subtle aromatic fear in your blood. It will do so, until you are out at night. Until you enter that alley. Until you disappear without a trace. Keeping your secrets always has a price.

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Clan Nosferatu Kindred by WhiteWingedCrow

Nosferatu Clan

Something dead approaches. You shouldn’t know that it is there, but you do. It feels like reality suddenly bent towards your worst nightmare. It whispers to you that everything could be much worse. All you need to do is go home and never, never look back. You run, but it follows. It always follows and whispers your worst nightmares into your ears. When you reach the “security” of your home, you have some new white streaks in your hair.

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Clan Ventrue Kindred by WhiteWingedCrow

Ventrue Clan

Something dead approaches. It approaches with the confidence of a born ruler. Weapons simply slide off its skin, a nuisance that penetrates only the noble clothing, but never him. Its grace is that of a lion and almost makes you forget lions are dangerous. His words can ennoble or destroy you. But it is not your choice what they do. Resisting him is futile.

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Cover image: Vampire Kindred Clan Lineup by WhiteWingedCrow


Author's Notes

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This article was written by the creative and talented Davina and edited for world and game use by Graylion in the Shadow War Across Creation. To see more writing and world building by Davina, visit WIRE.

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