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Tenets & Traditions of Vecna

The Tenets and Traditions of Vecna are the fundamental backbone of Kindred society. The Tenets of Vecna are the main religious principles handed down to them from their very real god. Each of these tenets represents techniques and paths to power. The Traditions are handed down as something stronger than mere belief or custom, they are practical methods of surviving outside forces as well as their internal politics. A sire will etch the Tenets and Traditions into a new progeny across years.

Tenets of Vecna

Vampire Vecna Tenets Blood by Void


The power of his Blood is sacred, which makes the power of our blood sacred. The power of his Blood is the shadow of the sun and the mirror of magic.


The power of desire allows you to achieve greatness within yourself, and in doing so, recognize desire in others to elevate yourself.
Vampire Vecna Tenets Desire by Void
Vampire Vecna Tenets Faith by Void


The Book of Night is the power of his words, the power to seed ruin for all who worship other deities, until only those who kneel before Vecna remain.


The power of secrets is learning all that you can, keeping hidden all that you can. Reveal what pieces you must, but never the whole.
Vampire Vecna Tenets Secrets by Void

Kindred Traditions



“Silence of the Blood”
Wear the Masquerade as your skin and do not reveal your true nature to those not of his blood.


“Bond of the Blood”
The Blood is thy bond, siring by voice of the eldest and taking responsibility for your creations.


“Forbidden of the Blood”
You are forbidden to devour the hearts blood of your kin.


“Kingdom of the Blood”
Respect the domains of the blood as the prince is lord of the city you are lord of your haven.

Cover image: Vecna Banner & Tenets by Void & WhiteWingedCrow


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