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Shadow War Introduction

The night is dark and full of terror, you are the night.


Kindred Vampires of Vecna

  You are the Kindred Vampires sired by Vecna's bloodlines from the World of Night . An inferno desert world of blazing sun, now shrouded in perpetual night through Vecna’s dark sorceries. Vecna's launching point against the foundation worlds.  

The Chosen

  Your characters are the Chosen of Vecna and tasked with the subtle conquering of the Ptolus City, infiltrated from the Shadowfell. The Chosen of Vecna are younger vampires still in touch with their humanity. This gives them an edge in dealing with mortals while furthering the goals of the Kindred.

Actions of your Requiem

  • Hunt for blood
  • Struggle with the Beast
  • Build and break relationships
  • Hide from, or fight, the Priests, Mages and Hunters
  • Rule the streets
  • Protect the Touchstones of your Humanity
  • Rise to power
  • Plot against other Kindred
  • Unearth terrible secrets
  • Face the consequences of being a monster
  • Fight or befriend other supernaturals


    The Book of Night

      Vecna the Undying Father remembers and recounts the first nights he was betrayed and his blood awakened. These dark chronicles reveal Vecna's hidden teachings and mysteries of the Damned.  



    The Masquerade

    “Silence of the Blood”
    • Do not reveal your true nature to non-blood.
    • Doing so may forfeit your claim to the Blood.
    • You will wear the Masquerade like a second skin.


    • The blood is thy bond under your elders.
    • You shall only sire by voice of your elders.
    • Sire at peril of yourself and your progeny.
    • What you create is your charge until released and responsible.
    • Siring is granted by elders and recorded by the Keepers.


    • You are forbidden to devour hearts blood.
    • True death comes for those who violate.


    • The city is the prince’s domain and he its master.
    • All shall present for his protection and hunting rights.
    • Those who refuse will suffer his wrath.
    • You are master of your haven.
    Vampire the Requiem (2nd Edition) game
    using Onyx Paths new Storypath rule system,
    set in a D&D fantasy city of Ptolus.
    The Shadow War started with one complicated question.
    What if ...
    ... Vecna, one of Dungeons & Dragons greatest villains, was the dark god of Kindred in a Vampire the Requiem Dark Fantasy game.

    The Danse Macabre

      We have heard the Requiem for one vampire, but what happens when the song is joined? How do they intertwine? A chorus forms, opening up new possibilities as monsters engage each other. Here lurks the menagerie, an unkindness of Beasts. Each one of the Damned has a different song, but when those songs play over each other, the dance begins.
    - Vampire the Requiem


    Cover image: Vecna Banner Kindred Vampires by WhiteWingedCrow


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    Sage Dylonishere123
    R. Dylon Elder
    29 Oct, 2020 01:27

    This looks beautiful. Good lord. Is this your own setting or something adapted? It like the idea of using vecna, and tone works beautifully. I was thrown off by the NWOD terms, as that's where I'm most familiar. It's such an awesome idea. I've read a few articles, and I enjoy it thus far. Definitely excited to read more.

    31 Oct, 2020 03:00

    Thank you for the read and the kind words. I have a habit of tinkering with things, settings, systems, and really ... What if Vampire the Requiem were set in a dark fantasy world, and Vecna was the god of Vampires. I have enjoyed the challenge.

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