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  A covenant is an organization or religious establishment consisting mostly of Kindred, though human servants and ghouls are often present at covenant meetings and are sometimes members themselves. There are five major covenants; others do exist, but the vast majority of Kindred are members of the major five, who often disregard the others.   Unlike clans, which may be thought of as families, a covenant is chosen by the vampire according to his or her beliefs. A vampire's Sire's allegiance nearly always plays a large role in their decision but does not guarantee a their selection. A vampire may choose not to join a covenant at all; such Kindred are known as the Unbound or Unaligned.   While covenants may span the globe, they are not truly global organisations; their power is localized. While their practices and beliefs come from a common source, an Invictus group in one location may differ wildly from their counterparts in another location, for example. In general, though, covenant members are accepted by their comrades wherever they travel, but since vampires do not generally stray far from their chosen cities, status in one city's covenants may mean considerably less elsewhere.  

Circle of Dust

The Circle of Dust is considered the vampiric equivalent of neo-paganism and witchcraft. Many have been cast out or shunned for their choices, including defilers and corrupt druids. They celebrate the use of the individual and rituals of freedom, including "Blood Magic" known as Crúac. There are many differences in belief and dogma between various circles and cities of the covenant. They are generally at odds with the rigid structures and controlling methods of the Templars. The Circle of Dust is well known for their concept of defiled and defiling, much like the landscape of Athas all things returning to dust, even their immortal vampire bodies.   Circle of Dust
  • The Beast is not your enemy, embrace your divine predator.
  • Feed well, feed often, and shed no tears for your food as Blood is power.
  • The Masquerade is a thin veil between humanity and monsters.
  Advantage: Crúac Blood Sorcery
Main Clan: Gangrel Clan
Other Covenants:
Source: Circle of the Crone


The Invictus also known as the "First Tower" is strictly concerned with material gain and power within a city. They are heavily involved in city politics and business. The members of this covenant are the most common users of the blood bond for subordinates and as a form of punishment. New members are often attracted with the promise of rank and status; with service to elders and experience, any member could rise to prominence if they are qualified and active within the covenant. However, the majority of new members will never gain any recognition for their acts, and the Elder of the Inner Circle use neonates for their own gain. It is a very corrupted covenant; whose first thought is almost invariably "money and power."   Invictus
  • As the vampire elite our rule is to last forever.
  • The masquerade must be upheld, but to serve us.
  • Immortality is an investment
  • Blood must flow, but not to everyone
  • Always aim for the top spot, if you have what it takes.
  Advantage: Invictus Oaths
Main Clan: Daeva Clan and Ventrue Clan .
Other Covenants:

Order of the Dragon

The Order of the Dragon (or just "Dragons") is focused on understanding the vampiric condition and improving upon it, transcending the limitations of their condition. They practice a Blood Magic known as the Coils of the Dragon.   Order of the Dragon
  • The Blessings of Vecna are just the beginning, the quest for answers come next.
  • Embrace the Great Works of transcending the vampire condition.
  • The Masquerade has boundaries, and we test them.
  Advantage: Mysteries of the Dragon
Main Clan: Gangrel and Mekhet Clan .
  Other Covenants: Friendly Veiled Circle of Dust Invictus Templars Distant  
The Templars (a.k.a the "Sanctified") is the Vampiric equivalent to Catholicism. They believe in redemption and forgiveness (or eternal damnation) through Vecna, whom they believe to be the first Vampire, being considered a vampiric Saviour. They believe that the Vampiric gift is to be used for the good of man, by only feeding on or killing sinners and scaring the "Kine" in the right direction. Proselyting and Conversion are essential to them, for the Salvation of all Vampires. They practice a Blood Magic known as Theban Sorcery. This Covenant generally dislikes and argues with the Circle of Dust .   Lancea et Sanctum
  • God hates you, but you can still serve Him
  • Feeding is a sacrament; treat it accordingly
  • The Masquerade is canon, but God can't damn you more than He already has
  • Lancea Sanctum:
  • Punish the sinful
  • Protect the Innocent
  • You are damned for a purpose
  • Lancea et Sanctum:
  • We are the sinners among sinners, the twice-fallen, damned eternal. God condemns you, but He might forgive you if you join the Sanctified and dedicate your eternity to Him.
  • We are the devil on humanity's shoulder; and the moral compass of the Kindred. Vampires need a purpose to keep the Beast at bay. We find our purpose in God.
  • Vampires can't be saved, but humanity can. It is our job to help humanity find God. If the Lord is the shepherd, then we are His loyal dog.
  • Lancea Et Sanctum: 1. God has damned us for our sins. 2. God has blessed us with a holy role in which redemption itself may be revealed. 3. Humanity is our flock. We must not abuse them even as we Sheperd them.  
    Revise based on the bones of the Dark Sun - Templars and Defilers
      Main Clan: n/a
    Advantage: Theban Blood Sorcery
    Source: Lancea et Sanctum
      The Veiled
    The Veiled is revolutionary in the concept of a democracy, the "one Vampire, one Vote" ideal and are also the newest major covenant. But since their modus operandi is taking cues on political evolution from the mortals, members have also embraced totalitarianism, communism, technocracy/meritocracy, fascism, theocracy and a host of other forms of government vampires find non-traditional. The vast majority of its members are neonates, newly Embraced and inexperienced vampires. It is the only covenant that votes its leaders. Members frequently argue over what is the best form of government. The Veiled is an almost completely secular and non-religious covenant.   Carthians
  • Mortal political systems are more effective than those made by Kindred
  • All vampires are equal, but humans are just the means of production
  • The Masquerade is a necessary evil, but it is La
  • Carthians:
  • Let's build not just a community but a society
  • The Law is made by all and it is to be followed by all.
  • Carthians:
  • We are Carthians, we stand up against the Invictus, the elders and their oppressive pyramid structures.
  • Vampires are stuck in the past, we want to modernize Kindred society by taking queues from human politics like liberalism, fascism, socialism and other -isms.
  • Unlike the other covenants, we do not look at humans are mere food or tools. They are our companions, our partners, they are to us as dogs are to humans.
  • The Cathian Movement: 1. Kindred society is flawed, we must fix it. 2. We are not stagnating, change is our great ally. 3. Carthian law is proof of the need for change.  
    Revise based on the bones of the Dark Sun - Veiled Alliance Non-Casters
      Main Clan: n/a
    Advantage: Veiled Law (Carthian Law)
    Source: Carthian Movement

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