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Mekhet Clan

Did you think that this was a secret? Well, it wasn’t. I’ve seen you doing it. I have seen you fuck, and lie, and stalk. Your secret is safe with me. Until one day I will need your service.

Something dead approaches. You can’t see it, but it can see you. It can see your doing, your feelings, your secrets. It knows, if you betray your wife with that barmaid in the tavern. It haunts you to tell you how you will die, to raise the subtle aromatic fear in your blood. It will do so, until you are out at night. Until you enter that alley. Until you disappear without a trace. Keeping your secrets always has a price.


Different Monsters

See the man in the tavern's corner. He is talking to strangers every night, but none of them seem to remember his face. They still don’t remember when the secrets they told him finally haunt them.

See the librarian. She knows every book available and has a lot of background information. If you tell her the right words and ask the right questions, she will show you even more interesting books in the cellar.

See the master thief. His heists are legendary, but for him the items are just by-catch. The thoughts and secrets of sleeping owners are his true booty. And more. Sometimes he will come back the next night.

See the spy. Her success rate in questioning is hard to measure. When the door of the dungeons shuts behind her, everyone will tell her everything she wants to know. Her victims are unharmed afterwards, except for the pallor.

See the secret guardian. He protects the people in the worst part of town, but his protection always comes at a price. He knows all the secrets of his quarter, and those who try to stand against him find themselves in dark alleys.

You want to be us

We can see if someone lies to us, can see what they feel and sometimes even what they think. We can move wickedly quick and stay unseen, so that the ones we follow are never aware of us. Everything about us allows us to gather secrets like other people gather wood.

You should fear us

We could be there while you sleep. We could live with you, without you even recognizing. And while we may be just there, protecting your secrets, pray that you never try to change the situation. Because if you do, your husband may find out about that muscular city guard that visits each day after his shift. And he may find out about what you do with him. Isn’t it better to stop thinking about why you are feeling so tired, and why your son is afraid of the dark?

What haunts us

If you hide in the shadows and attune yourself to secrets, they boil down to the very essence of your blood. They do so, until you can’t stand the sun again, even less than others gifted with Vecna’s Blood. For us, sun and fire are the most dangerous things, because they push the shadows away. And if you hide in them, you will at one point become one. Others call this The Tenebrous Curse.

How we live

Mekhet Havens is a difficult topic. While they may live in any building that suits their wealth, their shadowy nature will usually bring certain stories about their haven. People will tell you that this house is haunted, especially if they can’t see the inhabitant very often. And they will tell you that this haunt extends itself to the neighborhood, causing strange anemia in the residents and some strange things to happen at night.

And yet. People in this neighborhood seem to be happy. Nobody dares to mistreat them. At least not for a long time. And in return, the Mekhet can stuff things into his haven. Memories and items from the ones they are protecting. They will not miss them. Maybe they will not even recognize them when they are guests in his home. And at some point they will. Vitae can cause people to love strange things, even creepy ghosts in a haunted house.

The way we are

Not two Mekhet are the same, but there are some archetypes within the clan, for sure. These reflect in the Path of the Mekhet.

For a Mekhet, stimulation of their mind is very important, so Mental will usually not be the tertiary category for attributes. Many Mekhet also have some serious knack for Social attributes, too. They prefer Intellect and Cunning in their progeny, but Resolve is also important. Many Mekhet prefer a precise approach, but some go bold and prefer a more powerful approach to their actions.

Mekhet in Storypath Vampire

Most Mekhet have a knack for mental skills. But since they are creatures of shadow, most of them prefer some Larceny in their training. Besides that, they usually have Culture, Empathy and either Humanities or Science included in their training.

For Edges, the Blood of the Mekhet manifests itself in these preferred Edges: Linage (1), Maker (1-3), Progeny (1), Dream Visions (1), Occultation (1-3), Shadow Cult Initiation (1-5) (14 out of 15). Additional Edge will depend on the respective Mekhet and is flexible.

The Mekhet Clan Disciplines are Auspex, Celerity, and Obfuscate.


2 Friendly

The Order needs the Mekhet

2 Friendly

Mekhet / Templar Win-Win

2 Friendly

Veiled spies and messengers

1 Accepted

Mekhet seek out Occult secrets

1 Accepted

First Tower Spymasters

Cover image: Mekhet Banner Shattered Vampire Clans by WhiteWingedCrow
Character flag image: Clan Mekhet Kindred by WhiteWingedCrow
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Author's Notes

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This article was written by the creative and talented Davina and edited for world and game use by Graylion in the Shadow War Across Creation. To see more writing and world building by Davina, visit WIRE.

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