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  Among the greatest gifts and worst curses afflicting vampires, the Discipline of Auspex allows Kindred to discern truth from lies, probe the minds of those around them, and perceive reality on a different level than other beings.  


  Storytellers may wish to make Auspex rolls for characters in order to more convincingly provide wrong or incomplete answers after failed rolls.  
  • Type : Mental
  • Masquerade Threat : Low
  • Auspex never by itself manifests in a way visible to the naked eye or causes effects that can’t be rationalized, if only as dumb luck.

    Level 1

    Heightened Senses
      The vampire’s senses sharpen to a preternatural degree, giving them the ability to see in pitch darkness, hear ultrasonic frequencies and smell the fear of cowering prey.  
  • Cost: Free (or 1 Vitae for subsequent uses in a scene)
  • Dice Pools: None
  • System: The user adds a Scale 1: Vampire (+2 Enhancement) to all perception rolls.
  • Duration: Persistence (Always Active)
    Sense the Unseen
      The senses of the vampire become attuned to dimensions beyond the mundane, allowing them to sense presences otherwise hidden from the naked eye. This can be anything from another vampire using Obfuscate to someone using Auspex to spy upon the character to a ghost in the middle of the room. Dormant Blood Sorcery spells and rituals might also be found with this power, at the Storyteller’s discretion.  
  • Cost: Free
  • Dice Pools: Wits + Auspex or Resolve + Auspex
  • System: Whenever there’s something supernatural hiding in plain sight, Sense the Unseen provokes a Clash of Wills (Blood Dice + Discipline vs Blood Dice + Discipline). Depending on the circumstances the Storyteller may choose to make a hidden roll. The most common example is a Clash of Wills between (Auspex vs Obfuscate). Keep in mind most ties are rerolled, or in this case the Storyteller could choose to let the Auspex user know something is near but they have yet pierced their veil.
  • Duration : Passive
  • Level 2



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