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Vampire Disciplines

Disciplines are vampiric powers and capabilities that have often given rise to old wives' tales of superhuman speed, strength, and endurance possessed by the Damned, along with their piercing gaze, their hypnotic and seductive voices and the unholy power to vanish into shadows and shapeshift into bats, wolves and mist.   Kindred (the word vampires use for themselves) can use a variety of supernatural powers called Disciplines. These are special abilities associated with their curse which, like their undead bodies, are "fed" in a way by the living blood they take from mortals. Many of the Disciplines provide Kindred with preternatural means of ensuring their continued existence, or of easing the process of hunting and stealing blood from mortals.   Disciplines are generally recognized as common (commonplace among the Kindred and more than one clan has an innate knack for them), unique (the proprietary abilities of each of the five clans), covenant (possessed only by a specific covenant and never shared with outsiders), and bloodline (known only to the members of a particular bloodline within a clan).   Powers that combine aspects of two or more Disciplines are called Devotions.  

Common Disciplines

These Powers of the Blood are common place among the Kindred and more than one clan has an innate knack for them. The physical Disciplines in particular (Celerity , Resilience, & Vigor ) can even be learned without a teacher by those with an in-born blood affinity for them.    
Physical Disciplines
  Celerity : The ability to move at incredibly high speeds with uncanny precision.
  Resilience: The ability to withstand crippling injury without submitting.
  Vigor : The ability to manifest supernatural strength beyond a vampire's normally superhuman capabilities.
Mental Disciplines
  Animalism: The power to commune with and command animals; related to a vampire's inner Beast.
  Obfuscate : The power of hiding oneself by clouding the minds of the weak; related to a vampire's natural cunning and guile.

Unique Clan Disciplines

These Disciplines are the proprietary abilities of each of the five clans. Their instruction tends to be used as bargaining chips with other Kindred who don't possess them as natural talents.   Auspex: Preternatural sensitivity and awareness and the ability to foresee and know things seemingly unknowable. (practiced by the Mekhet Clan )
  Dominate: The piercing stare that commands minds and the ability to break the will of others with vampiric mental control. (practiced by the Ventrue Clan )
  Majesty: Seductive or commanding sway of emotions and the predatory manipulation of the weak in this way. (practiced by the Daeva Clan )
  Nightmare: The ability to evoke sheer terror by manipulating fear and revealing one's primal nature. (practiced by the Nosferatu Clan )
  Protean: The ability to change one's body and assume a variety of forms such as a wolf, bat, or mist, or sprout bestial claws. (practiced by the Gangrel Clan )

Covenant Disciplines

The Ordo Dracul, the Circle of the Crone and the Lancea Sanctum each possess knowledge of blood magic and rituals which they only teach to their loyal and proven members. These magics are never shared with outsiders and defectors with extensive knowledge of these Disciplines are often hunted.   Coils of the Dragon: The metamorphic stages followed by members of the Order of the Dragon .
  Crúac: The blood magic practiced by the Acolytes of the Circle of Dust .
  Theban Sorcery: The dark miracles performed by the Sanctified within the Templars .

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