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Mega-Presence While novas are often called “godlike,” it is those with Mega-Presence who truly make others feel as though they are face-to-face with a living god. They can change the atmosphere of a room simply by entering it and people often hang on their every word and deed. While all novas are famous, those with Mega-Presence can hardly help but become celebrities, or even centers of their own cults of personality, drawing attention wherever they go, sometimes whether they want to or not. Mega-Presence grants: • Increase in leadership Scale equal to its dots for Presence rolls. • The benefits of dots in the Fame edge (Trinity Continuum Core Rulebook, p. XX) equal to the Mega-Presence dots. Like other characters with Fame, Mega-Presence novas cannot have the Covert Edge or the Anonymous Enhanced Edge, unless they also have four or five dots in the Dormancy Edge (p. XX). • The benefits of dots in the Followers edge (p. XX), starting at 1 dot at Mega-Presence 5 and increasing by 1 per additional dot. Mega-Manipulation While Mega-Intellect novas seem to know everything, and Mega-Cunning novas are aware of everything, its novas with Mega-Manipulation who really know people inside and out: what they want, what makes them tick, and how to nudge things to get them to do whatever the nova wants. While a Mega-Presence nova can inspire fanatical devotion, one with Mega-Manipulation can make people dance to their tune without even knowing they’re doing it. Mega-Manipulation grants: • Increase in leadership Scale equal to its dots for Manipulation rolls. • Dots equal to its rating to distribute among the following social edges: Animal Ken, Skilled Liar, Striking, and Wealth.   Compelling Presence (••) Prerequisite: Presence •• More than just charismatic or manipulative, the nova can exert superhuman influence over others, having them do as they are commanded. This may involve biochemical pheromones, subtle manipulation of neurochemistry or synaptic signals, or some entirely unknown mechanism. Whatever is it, the nova speaks, and people obey. The nova must be within Short Range of the target, who must be able to hear and understand the nova’s command. Spend 1 Quantum point and roll Quantum + Presence (Mega-Presence adds Scale to this roll). Unwilling targets resist with Integrity + Presence. Success allows the nova to give the target instructions and have them followed, with the Difficulty based on what the command asks of the target, as given on the Command Intensity table.   Instant Influence (•) Prerequisite: Mega-Manipulation • or Mega-Presence • When a nova with Instant Influence first encounters someone else in a scene, they can make a reflexive Persuasion + Manipulation or Presence roll to immediately attempt to shift thatperson’s attitude (Trinity Continuum Core Rulebook, p. XX). The nova does not have to speak or even interact with the other person, just be in their presence. Inventor   Mass Influence (• to •••••) Prerequisite: Mega-Manipulation • or Mega-Presence • When the nova attempts to shift the atmosphere (Trinity Continuum Core Rulebook, p. XX) they increase the size the crowd they can affect with no increase in Difficulty by their dots of Mass Influence. Each further increase increases your Difficulty by 1. So, if you have Mass Influence •• and are trying to change the atmosphere for a group of a hundred people, that is a +1 increase in Difficulty for you. TABLE • •• ••• Five people 50 people 100 people •••• 200 people ••••• 500 people END TABLE


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