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Hypnotic Presence (•) Prerequisite: Mega-Manipulation • Similar to Compelling Presence (previously), the nova’s voice, manner, and presence have an entrancing quality. When influencing a target with a positive attitude towards the nova (Trinity Continuum Core Rulebook, p. XX), the player can buy a 1-point Stunt from an Influence action to place the target in a hypnotic trance and roll Quantum + Mega-Manipulation. Unwilling targets resist with Integrity + Presence. Success allows the nova to implant commands and instructions, with the Difficulty based on what the command asks of the target, as given on the Command Intensity table for Compelling Presence (p. XX). Instructions implanted by Hypnotic Presence may be forgotten and carried out by the subject later. The nova can also implant hypnotic suggestions that cause the target to forget or misremember things with successes required based on the Command Intensity table: 1 for something inconsequential, up to 5 for something vital to the target’s life or sense of self.


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