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CLOAK   Quantum Minimum: 2
Action: Reflexive
Cost: 1 Quantum point
Dice Pool: None
Range: Personal
Duration: Maintained
  The nova can manipulate energy wavelengths to cloak themselves from detection, essentially becoming invisible by controlling the energy they reflect, disappearing from the visible spectrum. The nova remains detectable to the wider range of electromagnetic radiation, infrared and below, and ultraviolet and above.   While cloaked, the nova gains 3 Enhancement to any Defense rolls and stealth-related actions. The nova can also make surprise attacks even after combat has started, if attacking someone unable to detect them.   For each additional dot in this power, choose a one-point power tag (p. XX) which can include one of the following special tags:   • Broadband (1): The nova’s Cloak extends to the full electromagnetic spectrum, making the nova invisible to all wavelengths of radiation, including infrared, ultraviolet, and radar.   • Chemical (1): The nova can Cloak their biochemical emissions, preventing anyone from detecting them by scent, including technological “chem-sniffers.”   • Sonic (1): The nova can Cloak any sonic vibrations they emit, preventing anyone from hearing any sound they might make.


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