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Body Modification (• to •••••)   The nova’s body has transformed, acquiring some useful physical trait or modification. Body Modifications are permanent and require no Quantum points to use or maintain. For each dot in this Mega-Edge, choose one of the following modifications. Players may come up with new modifications, if they wish, subject to the Storyguide’s approval. Adhesive Grip: The nova can adhere to surfaces, allowing them to move along vertical and inverted surfaces at normal walking speed. Bioluminescence: The nova can shed light strong enough to illuminate a Short distance around them. Chromatophores: The nova’s skin can change color at will. The character gains 2 Enhancement on actions to remain concealed, so long as the nova is wearing attuned eufiber or most of their skin is uncovered.   Claws: The nova has sharp claws or talons. The character’s unarmed attacks gain the Edged and Brutal tags. For more effective or enhanced claws, see the Quantum Attack power (p. XX).   Extra Limbs: The nova has an extra limb, either a normal arm and hand or else a tentacle, tendril, or prehensile tail. The extra limb is useful as an arm and provides 1 Enhancement for mixed actions where having an extra hand would be useful. Characters can take this modification more than once, gaining an additional limb each time, although the Storyguide should feel free to cap the Enhancement bonus provided by multiple Extra Limbs at 3, unless the nova also has the Multitasking Mega-Edge (p. XX).   Gills: The nova has functional gills, allowing them to breathe normally under water.   Spines: The nova’s body is covered with sharp spines, thorns, or the like. This is rating 1 Contact damage for anyone touching or striking the nova, resisted by a Stamina + Resolve roll. For enhanced Contact damage, see the Quantum Aura power (p. XX).   Webbing: The nova’s hands and feet are webbed, increasing the character’s speed Scale for swimming by 1.   Wings: The nova has a full-sized pair of wings, which might be bat, bird, or insect-like, or else underarm flaps like those of flying squirrel. These wings allow the nova to glide at normal ground speed Scale while conscious, covering a horizontal distance equal to their starting altitude. The nova cannot take off or gain altitude without the Flight power, however (p. XX).     Movement Mode (• to •••••) Novas with this Mega-Edge have one or more additional modes of movement. For each dot, choose one of the following: Burrowing: The nova can burrow through the ground at their normal walking speed. Speed is halved for soft stone, one-quarter for hard rock, and doubled for soft or loose sand or soil. The nova can choose to leave a tunnel behind as they burrow or to have it collapse behind them as they move. An additional dot in this Movement Mode either increases the nova’s burrowing speed Scale by 1 or allows the nova to “swim” through all forms of natural earth and rock without leaving any evidence of their passage. Clinging: The nova can stick to surfaces, allowing them to climb or hang from walls, ceilings, and overhangs without any need for a roll, and to move along them at their normal ground speed. Gliding: The nova can glide along air currents, allowing them to fall any distance and land softly without harm. The nova can laterally move a distance equal to the vertical distance they descend and can bank and change direction as they do so.Skimming: The nova can move across the surface of liquids at their normal movement speed without sinking so long as they continue to move. For an additional dot in this Movement Mode, the nova can also stand still or even lie prone without breaking the surface tension of the liquid unless they choose to do so. Slithering: The nova can move at their normal ground movement speed while lying prone. Swimming: Swimming is not considered Difficult Terrain for the nova (Trinity Continuum Core Rulebook, p. XX). Each additional dot in this Movement Mode increases the nova’s Speed Scale with swimming movement by 1.   Swinging: The nova can generate rope-like lines that attach to surfaces, allowing them to swing on them. This gives the nova speed Scale 1 movement, and an individual swing can be as long or as high at the highest point where the nova’s swing-line is attached. For the nova ability to truly fly or teleport, see Quantum Powers (p. XX).   Ultraperipherial Perception (•) Prerequisite: Mega-Cunning • The nova seems to have literal “eyes in the back of their head” when it comes to awareness of their surroundings. The nova is considered to have a full 360-degree view around them and has no “blind spots” even for things directly behind them, making it much for difficult for someone to sneak up on or blindside them. As such, they always gain one success on surprise checks, even if the roll fails or botches.


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