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Mekhet Domain

Did you think that this was a secret? Well, it wasn’t. I’ve seen you doing it. I have seen you fuck, and lie, and stalk. Your secret is safe with me. Until one day I will need your service.

Something dead approaches. You can’t see it, but it can see you. It can see your doing, your feelings, your secrets. It knows, if you betray your wife with that barmaid in the tavern. It haunts you to tell you how you will die, to raise the subtle aromatic fear in your blood. It will do so, until you are out at night. Until you enter that alley. Until you disappear without a trace. Keeping your secrets always has a price.



  The Mekhet Domain spins a web of secrets and deception amid a bustling hub of commerce that is the North Market Ward. Here the Mekhet Clan have established their presence, manipulating mortals to further their ends. They exert influence and control using a whisper here, a promise there, threat when needed and even blackmail.

City Ward

  Being the oldest of the two market wards, the city’s residents simply call this area “The Market”, since it was here far before the South Market was founded. Market Street runs through North Market – a large, wide street, full of stalls and merchants and constantly busy, even through the night. Here in the North Market, merchants filter through the North Gate to do business. One can find all manner of items in the North Market, from fish to expensive fabrics. Of course, the North Market offers a variety of entertainment too, from theaters to drinks and gambling at places like the Dancing Prince Casino, to more illicit fun at the Marauders Cove Tavern.

City Ward

Ptolus City Wards
Ptolus City Wards & Farm Ward by Artgalles

Kindred Domains

Ptolus City Wards
Ptolus City Wards & Shadow War by Artgalles


Domain Lord

  Ruiz is a Kindred vampire of Vecna, sired into the Mekhet Clan, chose to join the Order of the Dragon, a Family Elder and sits on the Council of Elders leading The Shadow War in Ptolus City. Ruiz has one god and one tool, Vecna is his god and information is his tool. To Ruiz all decisions fall before the altar of information and secrets, figuring out what others don't want discovered is his true power. Then deciding how to leverage that power. He leads the Mekhet Kindred Vampires within Ptolus wielding his powers of shadow and subtly.
  There is really one currency among the Mekhet, it is information. The Kindred are free to follow their own pursuits and create their own holdings within the domain, even to make their fortunes in coin, if they wish. However Ruiz grants this freedom at a price, paid in the coin of those secrets. His favor is measured by the quality of these secrets. While misinformation may gain a frown and stale information a blank stare. Ruiz gains a certain look of excitement when he hears new information or information that expands on secrets he already holds. In addition to the Mekhet Clan, it is believed that Ruiz maintains a network of informants, spies, Bound and Trusted within his domain and beyond.
  Everyone knows how Ruiz presents himself or at least many of his current variations, most with pale skin and stark white hair. Yet despite this, it is believed none have actually seen his true face and form, save for maybe his sire. And yet, this doesn’t mean that Ruiz is some recluse, hidden away from the rest of his clan. It simply means that Ruiz has achieved mastery over his appearance, being able to disguise himself even from the most observant, including Kindred. Taking on any number of guises, Ruiz stalks the North Market, feeding and gaining information.
  Ruiz motivates the Mekhet to engage in a competition for valuable information and secrets among himself, each other, as well as ahead of other clans, while ensuring that the mission and their clan's interests are never compromised. If any Mekhet possess valuable information, they will likely find that Ruiz already knows some minor detail about it, which he will he will speak after they are done. Occasionally, he expresses his interest with a smile when a Mekhet finishes speaking, and prompts them to "tell me more or find out more".
True power is information, and using that information to pull the strings behind those in authority. There is no need to be in the spotlight to hold the reins of power.


Domain Sanctum

  The Torbrin Estate exudes an air of nobility, despite being situated in the wrong city ward. However, this is by design. The Torbrin Family has a storied history of building their wealth through providing top-notch merchant services in the region. It is rumored that the Torbrin Family achieved their business success right under the noses of the major Noble Families by purposely limiting their ties with them and instead focusing solely on their business. Although the Torbrins could have easily relocated to the Noble Ward, it seems that such a move is out of the question.
  Sarko, a controversial member of the Mekhet clan, managed to infiltrate the Torbrin family through an intricate scheme. He and Chosen Malik posed as foreign merchants and staged deceptive interactions to gain their trust. Eventually, Sarko was able to bind Triana Torbrin and orchestrate a wedding between them, despite the objections of Matthias Torbrin. Ruiz Blood Bound Matthias, and meanwhile, important staff members were converted into Mekhet Trusted. As a result, the Mekhet clan now holds sway over the Torbrin family and business, manipulating them like puppets to carry out their own agenda. The Torbin Estate has become the Domain Sanctum for Ruiz and the Mekhet of the North Market Ward, and Sarko is viewed by the public as the new heir to the family business, taking on more and more of its operations.
  Triana has been bestowed with the privilege of hosting after-hours business dinners and parties at the Torbrin Estate. She takes great pleasure in organizing and attending such gatherings and is elated by the happiness they bring to her husband Sarko. Typically, the guest list is provided by either Sarko or her father’s business associate, the one with white hair and a fair complexion. However, Triana often finds herself struggling to recall his name.
  Ruiz has selected two of the guests cottages using one for himself and keeping one for Mekhet clan meetings. He goes out of his way to allow the activities and flow of the Torbrin name and estate to continue on as before. He strategically keeps the Torbrin name between the city and himself using it as a veil to blanket the clan maneuvers and presence. Ruiz as a business partners has a regular presence within the Torbrin business dealings while Sarko as the newest son in-law keeps tabs on both the business and the family. Most events of any merit are held after sunset and will include one or more Mekhet, be it business, entertainment or more often a combination of both.

Points of Blood

  The most important places of the Mekhet Domain and beyond, these are the areas that Kindred frequent for official business.

Blood Halls

  North Midtown, is an Elysium Domain but more importantly the location of the Blood Halls which makes it the seat of the Kindred Court as ruled by the Council of Elders in the absence of a Prince. Located strategically North of the Kings River, South of the Necropolis, West of the Docks, East of the Temple Ward and South-East of North Market.
The Daeva Clan thought to grasp the largest ward for their machinations, however the Elders in their wisdom selected Northern Midtown for the location of the Blood Halls and the Elysium.

  This part of Ptolus is considered neutral ground for all Kindred of all clans. No violence is to break out between Kindred within its borders. This Elysium is where the Council of Elders, including Ruiz rule the Kindred in the absence of a Prince. The Elders have also established the Blood Halls within the remnants of the Uncouth Theater a broken-down building avoided by mortals. It is a derelict theater that has seen much better days, but currently, it is kept in such a state to ward off curious mortals and keep its important function beyond praying eyes. The Blood Halls is well protected by elder disciplines and blood sorcery.
  Together, they talk strategy and Kindred politics, ensuring that their rule over the city’s Kindred remains stable and dealing with whatever problems may arise. This includes receiving newly arrived Kindred, or hearing requests like Illmahgo's bid for Warmaster or the The Presentation of Kindred by their sire. While all Kindred are allowed inside Elysium, a certain degree of etiquette is expected of those who do gather there.

Cacophony Whisper

  The rhythm of Wamberts fish cleaver mirrors the pulse of information that travels through this busy mortal hub. Wambert's Fish Market is a spacious, open building situated near Market Street. It bustles with customers seeking to purchase fish and fishmongers bringing in the day's fresh catch from the docks. Even as night falls, though the number of visitors dwindles, Wambert's remains a hub of activity with a consistent flow of people.
  The Kindred have no interest in the fish itself; instead, they value the sea of secrets the mortal community provides and the ability to conceal their Cacophony Whisper. Unbeknownst to Wambert, the market now has the attention and protection of both the Mekhet and the Kindred due to its status as a Whisper location. As a result, feeding related to the market is strictly prohibited. The Mekhet conduct regular visits to the area, making multiple rounds before sunrise to ensure that the information shared there is up-to-date.

Torbrin Shipping Office

  Situated in a central location within North Market, the Torbrin Market Office is a bustling center of commerce as customers and couriers dart into and out of the building on their business. The shipping office is a hub of Torbrin Trading and the Torbrin Dock Warehouse, allowing Mekhet to keep their fingers on the pulse of the city. The Mekhet may visit key Trusted after sunset and review the manifest logs paying attention to who is sending what to who. It is also interesting to consider the stated contents of shipments compared to what they may actually contain.
  Although most of the Office’s employees are ordinary mortals, those in positions of authority are Trusted of the Mekhet. Feeding from among anyone that works at the Office is strictly forbidden as well as feeding from visitors or even at this location. The Trusted are the ones that cater to any Kindred that comes through the doors, providing them with whatever official information they have about the day’s events – as well as bigger announcements. For example, a Kindred that visits the Torbrin Market Office may find out about ...  
  ... a shipment of ancient artifacts being received shortly for a secret noble auction being held somewhere in the city, and most likely the Noble Ward.  
  ... the preparations for the upcoming city-wide celebration – including details of which merchant is going to supply what, should they need those.  

Feast of Indulgence

  The following places are where most Mekhet Kindred gather – mostly to feed, but also to get information or just plain have a good time.

Dancing Prince Casino

  A conglomeration of different gambling houses, the Kindred can find all manner of games to enjoy here. Indeed, many visit this place simply to spend their money or try to feel something, some small measure of adrenaline or anticipation. Others instead spend their time looking for information, prying rumors, news and ideas from the drunken minds of the clientele.

Gossamers Fine Threads

  Ran by the Mithren family, Gossamers Fine Threads offers great quality clothing, perfect for any Kindred looking to blend in, whether they want to infiltrate high society or anything below that.
  The Mithrens are quick to fulfill all orders, particularly if somebody comes with an order for the Torbrins or if they are regular customers. Of late, they have been producing Starsilk garments, able to captivate the attention of the common people – sort of like a low-level Presence, some Kindred say.

Guilded Star Inn

  The Guilded Star Inn is a small, quiet establishment, offering beds and average-quality drinks and food to its clients and a low profile. Indeed, the inn is usually dimly lit and security is non-existent, so feeding is more than possible, either by renting a room for their "guest" or climbing into an occupied rooms where people are sleeping.
  A select few Kindred are also aware of the fact that a handful of spies representing mercantile interests in North Market and beyond also frequent the Inn. Information can be gained from them, if one knows how to approach them.

Howling Maid Brothel

  The Howling Maid is not just a brothel, but also a place where one can find cheap, bad drinks. A roiling carnival of debauchery, the Howling Maid is one of the best places to feed indeed, from what little most clients remember they will probably assume blood is just part of the act.
  To less savvy Kindred, the Howling Maid would remain only a good feeding place, nothing more. However, many among the Mekhet also seek information, and know quite well that there is little a client won’t tell to a whore, especially when drunk. As such, some Mekhet take the time to befriend, bribe, or even Blood Bind the prostitutes, using them as information sources.
  While most information a Kindred can get this way is useless, nuggets of precious knowledge can also be found occasionally, making the effort worthwhile.

Marauders Cove Tavern

  Some Kindred have addictions, either having carried them over from their mortal lives or having gained them in unlife. To satisfy such needs, many turn or return to drugs themselves, however they must partake of those drugs through the blood of mortals having consumed them.
  Finding somebody with drugs in their system takes time, however. Hence why many Kindred frequent the Marauder’s Cove Tavern and its coveted third floor, where only those who have the owner’s good favor may enter. There, the debauchery is far more excessive, and the Kindred can satisfy their needs.

Out of Bounds

  While the North Market is Mekhet territory and its Kindred can roam free, there are a few places where Kindred should not step foot in. Such places are either outright dangerous, or simply are areas where Kindred might be under closer scrutiny, threatening the Masquerade and their very Requiem. Besides this is what spy's are for.

Church of the Lawgiver

  The Church of the Lawgiver is easily the most dangerous place in North Market for the Kindred to be. The priests and faithful of Lothian that congregate in the area – especially the priests – are mostly people of true faith. Their holy symbols and beliefs are more than capable of harming or even destroying Kindred.
  Even worse, the priests of the Church are capable of stirring their faithful into religious frenzy, should they need to. If a Kindred is discovered by them, the events that follow will be most bloody indeed. The Church is consecrated ground, filled with holy symbols and anointed by a thousand liturgies. To most Kindred, they can feel the weight of this power dragging upon them and would prefer to avoid it.

Three Gold Pear

  The Three Golden Pears is a halfling inn, similiar to the Kenderfoot Hearth in the Guild Ward. Although not connected to the Kenderfoot – and much smaller as a result, the Three Pears is another inn where halflings and "small-folk" gathering place. Although a human can stride into the inn and order food and drink with little issue, they will be under close scrutiny, as "small-folk" are very suspicious yet tolerant of the "big-folk". This makes the gathering of information and secrets less productive in these types of locations.

Wondrous Tattoos

  Owned by a gnome mage called Anageo Quigg, this is where Kine go to get magic tattoos. Some of those tattoos might increase one’s strength or dexterity, while others may simply make someone sharper or help spark their memories.
  Usually, Kindred are drawn to Wondrous Tattoos precisely to relive those lost memories, to perhaps feel human for a few moments. Yet Anageo is a mage, and he may be more than capable of realizing the supernatural nature of a guest.
Clan Mekhet Kindred by WhiteWingedCrow

What is a ...
Kindred Domain?

  Kindred Domains are a critical element of Vampire society, defining a particular area within the city that is claimed by a specific clan or covenant. Kindred use Domains to conceal and safeguard themselves, while also gathering information, monitoring mortal behavior, and satisfying their insatiable hunger for blood. Operating within the shadows of mortal society, the Kindred Domains are concealed by the Masquerade, and serve as the backdrop for their intricate courtly dramas, intrigue, and political machinations that flow like a river among the vampire elite.

Founding Date
721 Imperial Age
Alternative Name(s)
Shadow Ward
Owning Organization

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Author's Notes

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This article was written by Graylion in the Shadow War Across Creation.

Davina provided creative content through collaboration of related and linked articles. To see more writing and world building by the talented Davina, visit WIRE.

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