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Council of Elders

The Council of Elders or Primogen is made up of one of each of the five Clans — the term comes from Primogeniture, the rights of the "eldest son". Hence the Primogen is usually populated by the eldest member of each clans, and they serve as an advisory board, representing their clans and giving them a voice within court.
  Primogen is a flexible title. In some domains, a Primogen is simply the eldest and most influential Kindred of a given Clan. In others, a Primogen is a member of a council of advisors to the Prince. In some domains, Princes appoint the Primogen (and they may even appoint multiple Primogen of the same Clan, to keep that Clan divided) while in other cities, Primogen arise from among the most powerful members of that Clan or as a result of popular Clan politics. This is perhaps the most difficult titles for a new Kindred to understand.
  The Primogen has access to the Prince and counsels her on matters of domain importance. According to Kindred lore a Primogen may "force" a Prince consider or reconsider a topic of personal significance. Few Princes are thrilled to be forced to consider matters of policy at anyone’s behest other than their own, so a Primogen who finds himself invoking this privilege frequently may well find himself excused from the duties of the Primogen thereafter.
Founding Date
Newyear the 21st, 721
Alternative Names
Elders Council
Kindred Council of Elders
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories
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