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Elder Morlayne
Gangrel Seat of the Elder's Council
Night Doctor
3rd of Elder Sateal
1st of Family Elder Harena
2nd of Clan Elder Cirith
of Gangrel Antediluvian
Turam the Wild

Morlayne is a Kindred Vampire of Vecna, sired into the Gangrel Clan, chose to join the Order of the Dragon, pursued the skills of Night Doctor, an Elder and sits on the Council of Elders leading The Shadow War in Ptolus City. The interesting thing about Morlayne is he is 100% each of things in his quiet way. He is well known for his passions but he is also considered one of the more reserved Gangrel when it comes to allowing the beast free reign. Within Kindred society he will be most known for crafting the Elven Plague which will devastate the Kindreds ancient enemy, elves.

The Way He Looks

  Morlayne is a large and athletic man easily mistaken for a northern barbarian or Nallian tribesman. His dark brown hair trails behind him while his deep green eyes pierce straight through those he gazes at. His skin is a light pale showing very little hint of his true nature but when seen in public with mortals his skin is a deep tan from long days in the summer sun.

The Way he Acts

  Morlayne is a conflict of extremes showing the patience of study and research while pushing his tasks to the extreme limits of what should and can be done. He still connects very well with mortals and truly understands how they think. This gives him a primal edge in dealing with his prey or his food, be it a social setting or something bloodier.

First Blood

  The Elven Plague was the first volley fired by the Kindred Vampires against the Elves of Praemal and Ptolus City. This was first blood against the Elves in the Shadow War , a war they did not even know they were fighting yet. Based on the insidious and deadly nature of the plague combined with famous elven arrogance it would soon be debated that they may not recover in time.
  Morlayne was directly tasked with the Elven Plague which was originally initiated on the world of night and carried to perfection on the world of Praemal. He would personally spearhead the efforts to infect the elven population and wipe out more than 50% of them.
Current Location
Deep Green
Long Brown
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

Character Portrait image: Morlayne Gangrel by Graylion on MidJourneyAI


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