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Elder Andre
Ventrue Seat of the Elders Council
1st of Elder Seldek
1st of Elder Notheir
1st of Family Elder Urseal
1st of Clan Elder Santiago
of Ventrue Antediluvian
Benatus the Warlord
Blood of Vecna

  Andre is a Kindred Vampire of Vecna, sired into the Ventrue Clan, chose to join the The Veiled covenant, a Family Elder and sits on the Council of Elders which leads The Shadow War in Ptolus City. With Andre's firm conviction in the Ventrue's inherent right to rulership and the Veiled understanding of relationships he can strategically position the Ventrue for the greatest success in the Shadow War. His focus is on the Guild Ward, industrial wealth and the mortals therein. He believes that industry is the true power, not the city government or the nobles. He is also keenly aware that most of his Ventrue would have preferred an Invictus leading them.

Clan & Covenant


Ventrue Domain


Domain Sanctum

  The Order of Tir-Aegis has been called many things including sellswords, mercenary, guild guards or blood shields. We Ventrue just call them business and power. The Ventrue have infiltrated the order and bound its leadership to their will, so as to work their plan across the Guild Ward. By providing skilled guards to the guildmasters this allows them a foot into many locations. They keep the rates reasonable and the service of excellent skill while embedding select Trusted throughout their ranks. This gives them eyes and ears within many guild while allowing them to build up a semi-loyal force of arms.

Council of Elders

  The Council of Elders or Primogen is made up of one of each of the five Clans — the term comes from Primogeniture, the rights of the "eldest son". Hence the Primogen is usually populated by the eldest member of each clans, and they serve as an advisory board, representing their clans and giving them a voice within court.    

The Way He Looks



  Andre embodies sinister elegance in his presence. Standing at an average height of 5 feet 10 inches, he possesses a lean yet predatory frame that exudes authority. His coal-black hair falls in disarray around his face, adding to his enigmatic allure. His piercing icy blue eyes hold a hint of malevolence, reflecting the darkness within him. Andre's pale skin bears faint veins, hinting at his supernatural nature. Every move he makes carries a dangerous aura, leaving those around him on edge.  


  He favors a tailored black leather coat that billows around him, occasionally revealing the glimpse of a crimson silk lining beneath. Beneath the coat, he adorns himself with a high-collared shirt made from soft-grey silk, fastened by a gold brooch bearing menacing designs. His black pants are tucked into knee-high boots adorned with gold buckles. He wear black leather gloves and around his neck, a pendant crown made of obsidian hangs, imbued with ancient and forbidden enchantments, symbolizing his dark power.  

The Way He Acts



  Andre's presence is commanding and authoritative, his words chosen carefully. He often reveals just enough to manipulate others without divulging his true intentions. Lesser minds bend to his will subconsciously. Andre is a formidable and calculating individual, viewing every situation as a complex game of strategy, where each move must be carefully planned and executed.
  More than most vampire elders Andre enjoys understanding how mortals think and react working hard to maintain his understanding of them. While he can reflect on the mortal condition this also makes him keenly aware of what he has lost, what he has carved away on his journey. He meticulously positions himself and others to gain the upper hand, exploiting weaknesses and capitalizing on opportunities with ruthless efficiency. Emotions seldom cloud his judgment, as he approaches every decision with a cool and detached demeanor.
The city guards tasked with allowing no one to exist the gate during lockdown stumbled over themselves to lift the chain wench at his approach. None of them questioned who he was or why they let him exit. Deep down they did not want to know these answers.


  Andre's motivations stem from wanting to gain power and strategic dominance for himself, his clan and his covenant by achieving Vecna's goals. Andre relishes the challenge of outmaneuvering his adversaries, viewing each interaction as an opportunity to advance his strategic position.


  Andre is a mastermind of intricate connections, curating a network of assets and contacts that he regards as crucial threads of his strategic web. To him, every individual, from mortal to vampire is a pawn on the Shadow War's grand board. Yet he never forgets every piece is unique and some pieces are vastly more important than others.
While Andre admires Illmahgo Reinear as a Ventrue he truly appreciates his legacy from his mortal life as a warrior and a tactician. However is it possible that Illmahgo is too deep within the Invictus to balance clan and covenant?


  Andre possesses a formidable array of supernatural abilities, honed through centuries of existence.  


  Andre's mastery of Dominate allows him to exert control over the minds of others. With a mere glance and a commanding presence, he can manipulate the thoughts, actions, and even memories of his targets. Through the power of his will, he bends the minds of both mortals and lesser vampires to suit his desires. This ability enables him to subtly influence key individuals, maneuvering them like chess pieces in his grand strategy.

Physical Prowess

  When Andre does not resolve a situation through sheer force of will and takes direct physical action it is a terrifying experience. Despite his smaller frame, Andre transforms into a supernatural powerhouse, surpassing the strength, speed, and resilience of his adversaries with less than a thought.

Origins of the Mortal Shell

  Andre's journey began in the depths of poverty, born into a world that showed little mercy to those without means. From a young age, he witnessed the harsh realities of life, struggling to survive amidst deprivation and despair. However, Andre possessed an unyielding spirit and an insatiable hunger for a better life. He understood that success was not bestowed upon him but rather taken through sheer force of will.
  From a young age, he possessed a keen intellect and an innate talent for identifying solutions to complex issues. These qualities would become the bedrock of his mortal career. Many individuals often reflect on their lives and proudly declare themselves as masons, porters, or cartographers. However, Andre questioned whether he could place himself in the same category. He saw himself as a man of strategic thinking, a resourceful troubleshooter who could tackle any kind of problem. Whether it involved overseeing a labor force or finalizing a business agreement, the nature of the problem didn't really matter to him – he would find a solution.
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Character Portrait image: Vampire Elder Andre by Graylion on MidJourneyAI


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