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Ventrue Domain

We win. It doesn’t matter how far you go, or what you plan. In the End, we always win.

Something dead approaches. It approaches with the confidence of a born ruler. Weapons simply slide off its skin, a nuisance that penetrates only the noble clothing, but never him. Its grace is that of a lion and almost makes you forget lions are dangerous. His words can ennoble or destroy you. But it is not your choice what they do. Resisting him is futile.



  You stand beside your elder, gazing out over the ward, while the rhythmic sounds of the sea and surf reach your ears from behind. A gentle mist of rain has dampened your attire, yet it fails to touch your undying form. Your gaze shifts to the soft glow of the first light hiding just over the horizon, accompanied by a slight unease in the presence of one who has forgotten the passing of years. Has he also forgotten about the rising sun? Almost as if anticipating your thoughts, his voice reverberates. "What do you behold?" Before you can respond, he interrupts, dismissing your answer before it annoys him. "Allow me to reveal what lies before you. It is our domain. A domain of opulence and dominance, sustained by the sweat and blood of our subjects. It is a domain constructed of ore, brick, wood, and leather - an embodiment of industry, the very backbone of this city. We entrust our kingdom to our sustenance, they grease its wheels and ensure its continuous operation. We, the blood kings, are its sovereigns, ruling by the inherent right bestowed upon us by our lineage." His dull blue-grey eyes lock with yours and time is forgotten. If you still drew breath you would have let it out as he finally beckons you towards the open door as small wisps of burned smoke rise from his form.

City Ward

  The Guild Ward stands as the chosen center for industrial commerce within the city. The Guid Ward is home to a multitude of local guilds, all under the command and guidance of their formidable Guild Masters. The Guild Ward, situated in the southeastern part of Ptolus, encompasses a significant portion of the city. Its borders are defined by the majestic Cliffs of Lost Wishes to the east, the protective city wall to the south, Iron Street to the north, and Carriage Row to the west.
  Within this bustling industrial area, the air is permeated with the scent of smelted ore and thick foundry smoke. The echoes of livestock being slaughtered, and the sounds of skilled artisans honing their trades. Breweries, warehouses, storehouses, granaries and livestock pens are common within the Ward. It is a vibrant but dirty melting pot from all walks of life where various industries converge, each contributing to the vibrant tapestry of the Ward.
Where the real work gets done!
— Common Guild Ward saying
  Unlike the wealth that sets in noble vaults the ever shifting coin of the industrial machine is unmatched attracting the eyes of nobles, government and criminals alike. The Guild Ward is much like a different city with guild militia patrolling in addition to the city watch. The guilds takes care of their own business and the guildmasters are the real power here. Only spoken of in hushed whispers there are rivalries between guilds, guildmasters and even between noble families and guildmasters.

City Ward

Ptolus City Wards
Ptolus City Wards & Farm Ward by Artgalles

Kindred Domains

Ptolus City Wards
Ptolus City Wards & Shadow War by Artgalles


Domain Lord

  Andre is a Kindred Vampire of Vecna, sired into the Ventrue Clan, chose to join the The Veiled, a Family Elder and sits on the Council of Elders leading The Shadow War in Ptolus City. With Andre's firm conviction in the Ventrue's inherent right to rulership and the Veiled understanding of relationships he can strategically position the Ventrue for the greatest success in the Shadow War. His focus is on the Guild Ward, industrial wealth and the mortals therein. He believes that industry is the true power, not the city government or the nobles. He is also keenly aware that most of his Ventrue would have preferred an Invictus leading them.

Domain Sanctum

  The Order of Tir-Aegis has been called many things including sellswords, mercenary, guild guards or blood shields. We Ventrue just call them business and power. The Ventrue have infiltrated the order and bound its leadership to their will, so as to work their plan across the Guild Ward. By providing skilled guards to the guildmasters this allows them a foot into many locations. They keep the rates reasonable and the service of excellent skill while embedding select Trusted throughout their ranks. This gives them eyes and ears within many guild while allowing them to build up a semi-loyal force of arms.

Points of Blood

  "Listen well, much I have shared with you is important and then we have things that are truely IMPORTANT. Know well of the Blood Halls and what is expected of you as the elders do not suffer foolishness. You were selected as being better than the rabble, blood stronger than others. The blood of kings and rulers flows through your veins, so act like it."

Blood Halls

  This part of Ptolus is considered neutral ground for all Kindred of all clans. No violence is to break out between Kindred within its borders. This Elysium is where the Council of Elders, including Ruiz rule the Kindred in the absence of a Prince. The Elders have also established the Blood Halls within the remnants of the Uncouth Theater a broken-down building avoided by mortals. It is a derelict theater that has seen much better days, but currently, it is kept in such a state to ward off curious mortals and keep its important function beyond praying eyes. The Blood Halls is well protected by elder disciplines and blood sorcery.
  Together, they talk strategy and Kindred politics, ensuring that their rule over the city’s Kindred remains stable and dealing with whatever problems may arise. This includes receiving newly arrived Kindred, or hearing requests like Illmahgo's bid for Warmaster or the The Presentation of Kindred by their sire. While all Kindred are allowed inside Elysium, a certain degree of etiquette is expected of those who do gather there. It is common for Andre to be present spending a great amount of time at the Blood Halls, some say even treating it like his personal haven.

Cacophony Whisper

  The Mystic Oasis Tavern hits a sweet spot for the people of the ward. The Mystic Oasis is warm and inviting to all social classes and professions while they leave rank and rivalries at the door. The Mystic Oasis was secured by Chosen Marcus and the Ventrue Clan weeks after arriving in the city and represents a perfect hub of information which is why it is their designated Cacophony Whispers.

Morana Merchant House

  This location should be noted with care as a haven of the Horava, specifically the Olakai Vampire Family native to this world. While the Elders consider the Horava situation, best not to be caught in matters beyond yourself. Oh ya there are vampires here that know nothing of us and our ways. Savages! For savages the Olakai dress very sharp.

Feast of Indulgence


Scarlet Venus Brothel

  Classy Entertainment, Companions, Escorts. An easy place for feeding or visiting the memory of a humanity long past. Also a place to pick up a an escort to fill in as a wife at a evening event or to send with a commanded message on an errand.

Black Eagle Tavern

  Delfar is well liked by customers, competition and guards. He is a hub of information and seems to be a one man operation within a storm of gangs and larger organizations that just leave him alone. A good place to feel the pulse of the ward, pickup information and maybe a snack.

Fire & Water Bathhouse


Osket's Trade Post



  Despite all the activity and prosperity within the Guild Ward, about one in five buildings is vacant. This creates an easy opportunity for our kind to feed upon squatters living in abandoned warehouses and building.

Out of Bounds

  While the Guild Ward is our domain, there are a few places where Kindred should not step foot in. Such places are either outright dangerous, or simply areas where Kindred might be under closer scrutiny, threatening the Masquerade and their very Requiem. Besides this is what Trusted are for.

St. Daris’ Church

  The church of St. Daris named as such by Daris himself in life. Daris was known as the Swift Avenger of Justice. There are stories of the Hammer of St. Daris a holy relic embued with his faith and might. This makes yet another temple of Lothian dangerous place in the Guild Ward. The priests and faithful of Lothian that congregate in the area – especially the priests – are mostly people of true faith. Their holy symbols and beliefs are more than capable of harming or even destroying Kindred. Even worse, the priests of the Church are capable of stirring their faithful into religious frenzy, should they need to. If a Kindred is discovered by them, the events that follow will be most bloody indeed. The Church is consecrated ground, filled with holy symbols and anointed by a thousand liturgies. To most Kindred, they can feel the weight of this power dragging upon them and would prefer to avoid it.

Kenderfoot Hearth

  The Kenderfoot Hearth is not just an Inn for the public but a close knit community of halflings. Although a human can stride in to stay the night, or order a meal and drink with little issue, they will be under close scrutiny, as "small-folk" are very suspicious yet tolerant of the "big-folk". This makes the Hearth a poor choice for feeding or gathering information.
Clan Ventrue Kindred by WhiteWingedCrow

What is a ...
Kindred Domain?

  Kindred Domains are a critical element of Vampire society, defining a particular area within the city that is claimed by a specific clan or covenant. Kindred use Domains to conceal and safeguard themselves, while also gathering information, monitoring mortal behavior, and satisfying their insatiable hunger for blood. Operating within the shadows of mortal society, the Kindred Domains are concealed by the Masquerade, and serve as the backdrop for their intricate courtly dramas, intrigue, and political machinations that flow like a river among the vampire elite.

Cover image: Ventrue Banner Shattered Vampire Clans by WhiteWingedCrow


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