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Cacophony Whispers

Each city ward has a place or location for the Kindred to leave Cacophony messages for the Clans and Covenants of that Kindred Domain. These locations are usually selected because they represent busy mortal location where access is frequent, easy and most likely never closes.     Discussion Board Categories and Thread Boards are linked for Vampire Cacophony. If you understand and speak the Whispers of Cacophony you will see the Cacophony Group Board and Whispers Threads of the City. Make sure to follow the Cacophony Board and Threads to stay informed on the secrets messages floating just below the surface of the city.   You may start a new thread about a topic or add to an existing one. By using Cacophony here you impart a certain narrative freedom and understanding of your activity and visits to this location. Whispers were inspired by Player and longtime friend Blue-Hands.   Please note as a reader some of these article links are private and all of the Whisper Threads are private.


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