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Jewel Pub

At a Glance

To and from did people go upon the King's Road. It was a busy place for busy people, though many of these people weren't common folk, no. They dressed in fine clothing with tall, proud hats that boar flowery bouquets and brilliant ribbons. For these lucky few, the world around them seemed to be tailored to their style. Fine stonework elegantly framed the massive brick buildings with murals advertising new tonics, restaurants, clothiers, and more. Perhaps the finest and busiest street in the city, grand carriages of wood and metal rolled over the brick almost constantly.   Set between a government building and a block of flats is an equally large and proud building of firey red brick framed by ivory-colored stonework with the heads of eagles protruding from along the top. A glistening in the beaks of these stone birds easily catches the eye of passerby, for they appear to be holding fist-sized jewels of red, blue, violet, and green. Three stories, this pub boasts plenty of space for even the largest of parties with three massive windows with balconies upon the 2nd and third floor for relatively outdoor seating. The ground floor is also not without a sense of grandeur. Massive windows would allow one to look inside the busy interior of the place if not for a slew of advertisements and pamphlets blocking it. An absolutely massive sign is hung from a street lamp before the building reading, "The Jewel" in brilliantly blue cursive. Curved wooden steps wide enough for three lead up to an orange-brown door with a sign upon it that reads "Welcome!"  

First Impressions

  It is rather plain to see that the Jewel is not for those who are not willing to part with a large sum of money, for the decor within rivals that of a fine ballroom with wooden decor upon the ceiling and walls to create a truly ornate dining experience. One might figure with the particular clientele that the pub serves would be used to such fineries and expect such a setting for food and drink. At each end of the massive, twenty-table dining room are large sets of steps that perceivably lead to the second and third floors. A man dressed to the nines casually makes his way between tables lacking the urgency of the rest of the staff. He seems to gallantly address each customer as to assure that their experience is to their liking.  
"Why yes, I frequent the Jewel. I would say that it is, at least, the finest place to enjoy an ale. I know not how the commonfolk drink the swill that they do; I pity them."
- Jasper Varela, Nobleman
  While the pub boasts some of the finest ale in the entirety of Ptolus, they are not limited as such. The bar upon the first floor alone boasts nearly two hundred different liquors and spirits from the mediocre to the finest top-shelf, the Jewel is almost guaranteed to have what a customer is looking for. To accommodate such a large crowd of customers, two bartenders handle the bar at once with three servers to deliver orders. Constantly rattling doors and the hearty scent of meat fill the place as waiters and waitresses bring meals and drinks to tables. One must also consider that each floor has its own bar. The richest tend to find themselves upon the third floor with the finest spirits and wines while those not willing to spend so much coin find themselves upon the second and ground floors. As to keep the "rabble" out, the third floor is guarded by the noble people's bodyguards.  


  The Jewel serves spirits, wine, beer, and ale of the finest varieties and some of the finest pub food in the city. The bartenders are masters of mixology and constantly drum up new cocktail recipes to impress the ever flitty clientele. While many are not welcome on the third floor, those that can afford it can find a few billiards and poker tables.  

Who's Who


Rerold Codwick

  Codwick is an aspiring businessman who recently acquired the Jewel from the previous owners after convincing them to sell. A young entrapreneur, he pride himself on being one of the youngest in the business. With olive skin and a charming smile, Codwick is quite popular with the people, as he assures that everyone in his new pub is satisfied with their visit.  

Secrets & Rumors

  Some believe that the former owners of the pub were blackmailed out of ownership, leading to the third floor being cut off to patrons other than those permitted and wealthy enough to afford to be there. Codwick never directly addresses such concerns, for even acknowledging would be to rouse suspicions.  
"Ever since that snake took control of things, he stopped listening to the staff and cut wages by almost half. When we tried to confront him about it, he fired us."
- Atrick Donnely, Former Employee
  The shady business that occurs on the third floor isn't exactly unknown. Some evenings, some guests have reported strange ruckus coming from the floors above only to be assured by the staff and Codwick that all is well. Some believe that criminal activity occurs upstairs, but even the detectives and investigators seem to be in on the affair and keep their noses out of such business.              
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location


Author's Notes



This article was written by the creative and talented Sols & Duun and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by Sols & Duun, visit Vhosparus.

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