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Lonely Satyr Brothel

At a Glance

  An intense red light illuminates the corner of the dark street. Before you is a large edifice of stone and brick that stands at least three stories in height. Humble and unassuming beyond the crimson glass of the lantern hung outside, many would easily mistake the place for anything other than what it actually was: a brothel. The laughter and carnal commotion were hardly contained by the walls and windows as one witnessed men and women of the night soliciting passersby. One, in particular, catches your eye. Long, auburn hair pours from his head and down his shoulders, crowned by two prominent horns like that of a goat. From the waist down, thick fur covers his legs that come to an end with large cloven hooves. Lean with uncanny facial features, he glances up seemingly expecting something. At his arm was a woman nearly a foot shorter than he, smiling. In a garish outfit of fine furs and silk, it was apparent that she, alongside the satyr, was the owners keeping an eye on their  Above him hangs a sign that depicts a smiling visage with horns similar to his. It reads "The Lonely Satyr".  

First Impressions

  Up the short steps led to a humbly decorated interior with feinting couches flanking a fine rug and marble table. Burgundy wallpaper and Wainscot paneling subtly depicted imagery of fey creatures partaking in libidinous acts. Against the wall rode stairs that led upstairs to private rooms while a hallway seemed to lead to a lounge that was filled with the heady aroma of hookah smoke. Within the lounge was a woman with a pleasant smile and a gracious amount of makeup. Men and woman alike sat about the cushions, some with paramours and mistresses clung to them as they imbibed from the ornate and colorful pipes.    This establishment was far more than a simple brothel, as it lay near the middle of the Noble Ward. Patrons had coin to spend and were happy to patronize. It seemed that most of the customers were men and women of money that needed to revivify the thrill of youth or, perhaps, pretend they weren't in a miserable marriage even if it was nothing more than a distant fantasy for an evening. 


  While many might expect a brothel to have nothing more than prostitutes, they would be quite wrong at the Lonely Satyr. From fine liquor to exotic hookahs, one could simply spend the evening lounging on cushions with a cocktail in hand rather than take to a room for the evening. Each month the Satyr hosts a masquerade banquet filled with food, drink, and debauchery.   

Who's Who



Perhaps the most unusual-looking fellow in the noble ward, Capran is a satyr and also the co-owner of the Lonely Satyr brothel. One of the finer entertainers in the city, it is said that his musical talents with flutes, pipes, and singing are so evocative that they often bring to surface the listener's utmost desires. Rather lean and tall, he stands about six feet in height. Often seen wearing a loose-fitting tunic or a robe, the satyr is not one to be restricted by his clothing. His face is strangely alien yet mysteriously handsome with facial hair that runs the length of his jaw and chin in tufts with no mustache. His eyes, thin and deer-like, seem to flicker about as though he is watching for something. Capran is the host of the monthly banquets and he makes it no secret, as it would be difficult to conceal his caprine legs. Atop an intricately carved throne, he watches over the processions and festivities with a watchful eye to assure that all is going well.    
"Just one evening with him! I would sell my entire estate just for one evening with him."
- Unknown Masked Noblewoman
  Quite the philanthropist, Capran is known to give quite a share of coinage to his workers and to families struggling to survive in such a decadent district. Many have attempted to spend just one evening with the satyr, for many know well the legends of satyrs and how well-endowed they are suspected to be but, alas, the only one who shall know of such a tale is his lover and co-owner, Carlyle Sweete.  

Carlyle Sweete

A petite and kindly woman, Sweete is far more than she appears. Beneath her soft features and perfectly curled umber hair is the scheming psyche of a mastermind. To many, they believe Capran to be the owner of the establishment as it is indeed his namesake. Using this to her advantage, she often uses the business to blackmail certain officials that partake in their services. Most of her prostitutes are trained in the art of pillow talk in which many admit to things that they truly shouldn't. Sweete herself is not (and never was) a prostitute. In truth, she was a spy that turned away from her previous benefactors and organizations to run her own operation at the side of Capran, her dear friend and partner. Capran, however, is not ignorant of her schemes and assists her where he can through his charm and wit.   

Secrets & Rumors

  It is often discussed that Capran and Sweete have dealings with the criminal underworld. As such, many undercover guardsmen enter the place with hopes of finding information that would criminalize them. To the chagrin of law enforcement officials, many go missing and their casualties cannot be reported lest they give themselves away.  
"Of course they're hiding something. Look at the size of that place! Hell, look at the sort of people coming and going from it. There's something more than the whores bringing those silver-haired nobles back."
- Mary Bannermane, Lieutenant of the Noble Ward Guard
  No one is quite sure where Capran came from, but many speculate that he is not of this world at all, but from a different realm entirely.  
Brothel / Whorehouse
Parent Location


Author's Notes



This article was written by the creative and talented Sols & Duun and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by Sols & Duun, visit Vhosparus.

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