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Silver Lyre Diner

At A Glance

  A lamplighter makes his rounds down Mainstreet, raising his pole to illuminate what was now growing dark about the busy street corner. Two stories tall, this modern edifice sings with color. Stone rails trail along and around the roof, each stretch topped with a rounded point. Below, in the same intervals, are hawk-like birds crafted from the same stone as the rails. Molding on the outside gallantly dances beneath the windows whilst fiery orange stone arches satisfyingly top each and everyone one. Below silver trim outlines an attractive bottom floor with windows that allowed passersby a view of the lovely dining area whilst also displaying peculiarly shaped bread and small cakes dusted with sugar. A large portico boasts "Silver Lyre - Afternoon Tea, Lunch, & Dinner" The windows emulate a foyer as they reach a few steps that lead to an open door held as such by a small, cast-iron cat. Painted upon the door is a depiction of a string instrument of old. Below are letters neatly scribed in cursive: "The Silver Lyre".  

First Impressions

  A petite woman nearing her thirties moves about the spacious dining room within the Silver Lyre. She is quick and offers a smile to any and all but, with just a glance, one could easily tell that she was being worked nearly to death. She approaches you, taking up her book and offering another feigned grin. "You're name, sir?" she'd humbly request. She was The proprietor of this establishment and the head waitress as well, it seemed. She had fair skin and lilac bags beneath her blue eyes. Her chestnut hair was neatly tied into a low bun. She wore black suit pants, a neatly-pressed white dress shirt, a pitch-colored vest with silver floral designs worked within, and an apron neatly tied about her waist. She leads you through a dining area that resembles the smoking-room of a noble's house: lovely silver and black wallpaper with wooden trim. Each table was covered with a clean tablecloth accompanied by stemware for two and a folded menu between. The chairs about each table were upholstered with a rose-red fabric. They were comfortable enough to lounge in. "I'm Mayves Canton and I'll be your waitress this evening. Might I start you with some of our imported red wine? It pairs excellently with tonight's menu."    
The Silver Lyre is a lovely place, really. I am not quite sure how Miss Canton works by herself up front, but I will eat my shoes if you cannot say that your meal was amazing.
— Jebidiah Clearwater, noble
  The Silver Lyre is a restaurant that became an instant success right where another famous eatery once was. Nearly a decade since its opening, Mayves is still receiving a constant flow of customers ready to have lunch and dinner within her comfortable restaurant. Some of her regular customers recall Mayves being accompanied by at least a few others on the waitstaff. With friendly regard, she dismisses the fact by saying that she simply no longer required any of their services. One notable thing about this dining area is that it is often opened up for musicians to perform. She patronizes musicians that she hires quite well. Despite sporting quite the pricy menu, that has never stopped noble ladies and gentlemen from making dinner reservations during the week.    


  The type of people that eat in the Silver Lyre is the very same kind that frequent balls and parties. You can expect to see people dressed in their finest arriving for lunch and dinner. Mayves knows that these people tend to have a lot of expendable coin, and she does her best to charm them into a pleasurable experience so that she may earn as much gratuity as possible.   
I gave my compliments to the chef as I asked Mayves if I may visit with him after they've closed. She politely declined and informed me that he's "dreadfully shy".
- Florena Dowry, journalist
  Any and all attempts to meet with the chef are swiftly met with deferential rejection. Some patrons of the Lyre have taken to teasingly asking to see the chef knowing what the response would be. Mayves offers them a dismissive chuckle each time it happens. None of the patrons have seen the chef and he is simply known as Chef Fontor.  


  The Silver Lyre serves some of the finest cuisines in the city. Steak, caviar, lamb, and duck liver are just a few examples of the delicious dishes found on the menu. The chef changes the menu seasonally to utilize produce and meat from the local area.  

Who's Who & History

Mayves Canton   Mayves is the owner and head waitress at the Silver Lyre. Starting with an egregious amount of loans, she has nearly paid off each and every one of them in her decade working. Before she decided to open a restaurant, she was a laundry maid for the elite in the Noble Ward. She often looks tired but always manages to put on a smile and push through her sometimes gruelingly long days.   Chef Fontor   Not a soul knows anything about Chef Fontor. As a matter of fact, not one of the patrons has ever even met the chef. Many patrons suspect that he is Mayves's husband or that he is perhaps a convict on the run doing anything he can to keep his face out of the public eye. Regardless, many sing his praises for preparing some of the finest food in the city. 

Rumors & Secrets

Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location


Author's Notes



This article was written by the creative and talented Sols & Duun and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by Sols & Duun, visit Vhosparus.

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