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Noble Ward

  The wealthy of the city live atop the highest cliffs in Ptolus. The intrigues among the nobles drive a fair bit social action within Ptolus. Aside from the traditional noble estates, don’t miss the very strange Castle Shard and the Holy Palace.   Known as the Nobles’ District by those who don’t live here and the Nobles’ Quarter by those who do, this district resides on a clifftop in the westernmost part of Ptolus. One cannot mistake the fact that the upper classes of Ptolus dwell here, if for no other reason than the district literally rises high above the rest of the city. The cliffs restrict the approach to the Nobles’ Quarter, and commoners without business in the district aren’t even permitted to enter.  
Ptolus 5e (pg257)
The Silver Lyre is a lovely place, really. I am not quite sure how Miss Canton works by herself up front, but I will eat my shoes if you cannot say that your meal was amazing.
— Jebidiah Clearwater, noble

Diners & Restaurants

Silver Lyre Diner







Shrines & Temples





  70 Noble Families (Pending) [? Review Waterdeep/Balders Gate as ideas]

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