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Draylo Weapons

Draylos weapons is a seedy little weapon shop that sells anything and everything it can get it hands on. Some things above the counter and others below the counter.    

At a Glance

  Draylos is a squat two story brown brick building that will never be called flashy. It has a simple sign above the door with the word Draylo carvered under a chipped and rusted shorts word. The sword's pommel has leather wrapped around its hilt in an intricate pattern. No one seems to know of care as to why the shop is called Dralo's or who the hell Draylo was.    


  Dralo's has an assortment of common weapons most one handed, quick or light weapons with a few two handed or heavier weapons.    


  Oddly enough Draylo's does not except weapon smith work on repairing of damaged weapons. Their practiced response is for the customer to select and purchase another weapon.    


  Kelvin Serris a dark skinned human with more than a couple of scars manages and pretneds to own Draylos on behalf of Halgrim Fatherstone its secret owner.    

Rumors & Secrets

  Dralo's is really a hub for Halgrim Fatherstone a crime boss for the Balacazar Crime Family. They accept the fencing of illegal good through their shop only offering coppers on the gold. They care little for how the items were acquired and more for how much they can sell them for. They also distribute drugs and and other exotic substances across these counters. The leather stripping is tied on the hilt of sword of the sign in such a way as to signal in thieves cant a place of business.   Halgrim uses a backroom as a meeting place for his two underbosses to discuss the current business and layout plans.
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