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Gold Spring Bathhouse

At a Glance

  The Gold Spring is as mysterious as its seldom-seen owner Mr. Bidar Shodz. It is an invite-only high-end luxury spa that caters to the most elite citizens of Ptolus City. From the outside one can see the stone columns wrapped in flowering vines, and hear the calming streams of water flowing into the pools and baths through the opaque stained-glass windows. How exactly one gets invited to partake of the amenities is something of a mystery. Very few people ever enter or leave via the only apparent exit (mostly merchants making deliveries, staff members, and wannabe customers that are generally quickly turned away), this has led to the rumors of a secret passage in one of the neighboring stores that serve as a means for the spa’s high end clients to come and go without having to deal with the everyday riff-raff of the city.

Local Knowledge

  Upscale   A place for the hoist-toity upper class’, the Gold Spring is the kind of place where you can’t get in unless you know someone of the upper class.
  Mystical   The amenities are high end and magical as supposedly the 'Golden Spring’ from which the bathhouse draws its name is an actual magical spring that’s able to reverse the effects of aging. This could be true or just good advertising.
  Decorum   The Golden Spring is a VERY strict and odd place to work. The servant girls that work at the Gold Spring have to wear masks that obstruct their faces and they are trained to keep their eyes lowered. Customers are not referred to by name, but rather by a simple constructed naming convention. Each guest is referred to by Sir or Lady a color and a precious gemstone. The color and the gemstone are both the same list of simple colors used in order and renamed for flare. So Lady Aqua Ruby is actually Lady Blue Red.
Sir Aqua Sapphire your private room awaits you if you would be so kind as to follow me. Everything you have requested is already in place. Should you need anything do not hesitate to let us know.



  Public Foyer   The Public Foyer has entry via the main door is a decoy/service entrance. It is the entrance for staff, deliveries, and for the wannabe clientele that haven’t been properly introduced and therefore have not been granted permission to partake of the Gold Springs services. There are doors leading to the staff quarters, and warehouse. There is a sign listing services at extremely high prices and of a suggestive nature such as ‘Full Hand Maiden Service for Gentleman 200 Gold’ (this is meant to scare off ill-suited customers and help spread the rumors of the Gold Springs deviant services). There is a multitude of vines growing on columns, stained glass windows of garish color and suggestive nature (lots of naked women of various races), and knock-off paintings on the wall (intended to look genuine but are cheap replicas easily replaced if stolen). Overall the public foyer is designed to look like what a commoner thinks a bathhouse/brothel is supposed to look like.
  Private Foyer   The Private Foyer has entry via a secret entrance at the shipping company next door and is the entryway for the clientele who have received a proper introduction to the Gold Spring via another previous client. The main foyer is a wide open room with a small waiting area near the door to the booking room; a menu board with a list of services (no prices listed doors to a men’s and a women’s locker rooms where guests' belongings can be stored; and open hallway leading to the private bath and service rooms. The decorum is befitting of a high-end spa: landscape art, enchanted vine decorum, and a large fountain.
  Booking Room   A simple office with high-end office furniture. There is a small till for making change if needed, but most of the money received is sent down a small chute to a vault in the basement. The Gold Spring is a strictly gold-in-hand business, customers always pay upfront. As discretion is one of the selling points there are no official records of any customer business. On the first visit, each guest is assigned a title using “Lord/Lady” with a color and gemstone scheme. Any records relating to any guest are organized by the assigned title, no real names are ever used and only the management staff knows which guests go with each assigned title. This obscured record keeping is helpful in the money laundering aspects as it is quite easy to make up new guests and services rendered to justify income.
  Private Baths   The private baths are small secluded rooms decorated in the style of royal elvish springs (or at least that’s what the advertising says) every surface is polished stone with gold trimming. Runes scattered and hidden throughout the chambers create an illusory sense of ease and relaxation for guests.
  Services rooms   The Gold Springs offers a number of services including full body massages, professional manicures/pedicures, and even farrier services for hooved patrons.
  Staff quarters   The Gold Spring provides on-site housing for staff. There are separate dormitories for men and women. The accommodations are plain and simple. At every doorway leading from the staff quarters are full length mirrors with an oil painting of a masked female looking down


  Owner - Bidar Shodz   A mysterious and reclusive foreign investor from a far-off nation. Rumors swarm about him and his nature. Some say he is royalty from a far-off kingdom, some say he is a noble entrepreneur, others claim he is a wizard that discovered the secret to eternal life, the very same magic that flows through the Gold Fountain from which the bath house draws its name.
  In truth ‘Bidar Shodz’ is not a real person, they only exist in paperwork and rumors. The Gold Spring is owned by the INSERT CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION HERE. Bidar Shodz was a way of obfuscating the true nature of the Gold Spring and complicating criminal investigations. Its harder to gain knowledge about a place if no one can figure out where the owner is in order to talk with them.
  Manager - Zailtelian   A male Aasimar of very regal and proper nature. He is every bit the perfect host for nobles thanks to his excellent manners, quick wit, and amazing acting ability. Zailtelian has mastered the art of shaping his manager character to suit each noble's taste. He is a fellow businessman to the gentleman of industry, a fellow artist to the creators of fine art, a fellow fashionista to young ladies of noble families, and a calm collected pillar for those that find themselves swept away in the currents of a busy aristocratic life. Little is known of Zailtelian’s personal life (which is his intent the less others know of him the easier it is to play different roles).
  Service girls   The Gold Spring looks for two types of girls those too dumb to think to ask questions or those smart enough to not bother with questions. It doesn’t matter who you are, what race you are, where you are from, or what you’ve done before so long as you are able to be polite to clients, follow the rules, and don’t cause trouble for Zailtelian and the management staff, the Gold Spring will have fair and lucrative work for you.
  Enforcers   Brutes intended to keep order and protect others, big strong lads that don’t talk, don’t mess with the service girls and look intimidating to anyone that might try to disrupt the serenity of the Gold Spring. Just as with ladies the doesn’t matter who you are, or where you are from so long as you are loyal you’ll find honest work.


  Lady Aqua Diamond   A young socialite of the Crerac house. A frequent visitor to the Gold Spring she considers herself to be a trendsetter for Ptolus City. She always wears the latest fashions and knows the biggest names in the city.
  Lady Lime Saphire Leader of the Alchemist guild. A woman of considerable skill, talent, and knowledge. During her visits to the Gold Spring, she tries to smuggle out samples of the Gold Spring water to understand its youth-giving properties.
  Lord Vanilla Ruby   A noble that works in the city planning commission. He has a reputation for deviant sexual tastes which he uses as a cover for an untoward homosexual love affair with another member of the planning commission.

Secrets & Rumors

  Criminal Enterprise   The Gold Spring is owned by a crime boss that uses the bathhouse operations for money laundering and as a bank for high-end criminal clients. The rumors of the bathhouse actually being an upper-class brothel are spread deliberately to draw attention away from the criminal activities. The idea being the city guard will not investigate the location due to not wanting to accidentally expose some nobles' deviant habits and get fired for it. (Even though such deviant acts may not be happening at the location.)
Fountain of Youth   There is in fact an enchanted fountain with golden water that will make those who bathe in it (for a substantial fee) appear younger. The effect, however, is only a temporary enchantment that lasts a few days before fading. There are no actual age-reversing properties. Despite this the Golden Sprint is quite popular before large social events such as dinners, galas and celebrations.
  Darker Shades   An upper-class house of debauchery and salacious acts’: The ‘bath house’ aspect is just a cover. The Gold Spring is actually a place for the upper class to satisfy the kind of ‘urges’ that they do NOT want anyone else to find out about. Moans and screams can be heard late at night echoing through the sewers.

Content Warning

Alternative Names
Gold Spring
Parent Location

Guest Calling

  Sir or Lady
  • Aqua (Blue)
  • Lime (Green)
  • Orchid (Purple)
  • Scarlet (Red)
  • Vanilla (White-Clear)

  •   Gemstone
  • Amethyst (Purple)
  • Diamond (White-Clear)
  • Emerald (Green)
  • Ruby (Red)
  • Sapphire (Blue)



    Author's Notes

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    This article was written by the creative and talented Kramer and edited for world and game use by Graylion.

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