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Foundation Manor

At a Glance

  Beyond great walls of stone and brick lay a gargantuan marvel of architecture, the Foundation Manor. Easily inhabiting a block, most passersby would only be able to view the dark roof and spires that topped the place. Constantly patrolled by guards dressed in red, gold, and black, the best view of the manor (from the perspective of a commoner) is perhaps at the gate where a long, paved path lined with lush greenery and trees leading towards a large circular path dotted with carriages of varying quality. The most prominent, however, was adorned with gold trim and lavish wood paneling. Easily the size of a small home, one could imagine that it would take a half dozen or so horses to draw the massive thing. One could easily identify this as the master of the home's carriage compared to the other, more simple wagons.  
"Know well that you are loitering, rabble. Begone lest you wish for me to bash your plebian skull."
- Linton Reid, Foundation Manor Guardsman 
  For those lucky enough not to be immediately shooed away from the gates, they would find themselves able to look upon the front of the home which was almost hidden behind a swath of more greenery and a grand statue that depicted a fellow with a pair of hunting hounds; predictably, this statue of stone was most certainly the master of the house. As wide as the street, the manor was a rich burgundy color, framed by ivory brick. Symmetrical, either side had a rather rounded shape projecting from the home's rectangular form with nine windows each (three upon each floor) jutting from the building as to draw the eye towards the massive front doors flanked by three windows on either side and even more windows above. Several chimneys seemed to top the roof with the most prominent being the furthest left and furthest right. Fewer would ever have the luck to experience the inside of the manor. 

First Impressions

  The foyer was as grand a sight as anything else in the home. Decorated with a rug of crimson and gold with three wooden archways, two on the left and one on the right,  intricately carved in the style of symmetrical foliage. At the center was the grand staircase. Two small, fetching statues of women bore candles within glass globes to illuminate the entrance. The stairs themselves were wide enough to comfortably allow three or four people at a time to traverse them side by side. Hanging from the ceiling of decorative plaster is a grand chandelier with orbs of candlelight similar to those that the statues hold. Upon the wall are framed paintings of noble people with so much makeup, they appear more like ghosts than humans. Behind the stairs is a pair of wooden doors with a colorful stain-glass inlay that seemingly leads to the back of the property where a winding garden complete with fountains lay.  


  The manor is filled with rooms with incredible fineries not found anywhere else in the Guild Ward and, to a lesser extent, anywhere else in the city. While many are lavish in their own right, with the guest rooms filled with massive curtained beds and silken sheets and the drawing room filled with ornate suits of armor and a grand mantlepiece topped with illustrious trinkets and baubles from the master's ventures, there are a few rooms in particular that far outshine the rest.  

Dining Room

  To the eastern end of the home is a dining room centered with a massive table that may seat a score of people. The walls are decorated with massive paintings that depict scenes of celestial figures bearing gifts to mortal kind. A fireplace, large and framed with ornate plaster, seats two massive candelabras to illuminate the room when it is too warm for a fire. To accompany that light are two massive crystalline chandeliers on either end of the room. Floral arrangements tastefully decorate the tables about the edges of the room and the very center of the dining table. The gold trim about the room and ceiling alone would cost a small fortune alongside the tastefully displayed wallpapers that give guests the illusion of marble and rock walls.   

The Master Bedroom & Study

  The master of the house insists upon convenience. So much so that his massive bedroom is connected to his place of study and work. The bedroom itself, done in tasteful spring green, is brilliantly framed by rich chocolate-colored pine. A simple lighting fixture within the ceiling brilliantly illuminates the room when the small fireplace is not burning. Beyond the relatively simple bedroom lay a brilliant study with walls of books and a massive wooden desk at the center. This room bears the opposite side of the master bedroom's fireplace, allowing it plenty of heat during colder seasons.     

Who's Who


Marius Wakefielde

  Elegant, mysterious, and wealthy would all be apt descriptions of the master of Foundation Manor, Marius Wakefield. Though many have not seen him, it is said he has fair skin and a prominent goatee, groomed and oiled. His outfits are almost always the latest style of the season, for he is well known to the finest tailors and seamstresses about the city. It is said that he is also never armed although he travels alone quite often. Many know Wakefielde to be a bachelor as well, and just as many noble families have attempted unsuccessfully to marry off their daughters to obtain his vast wealth. 

Secrets & Rumors

  Few who ever enter the manor dare speak of it or its master, for words would not do it justice. Rumor has it, however, that Marius has no mirrors anywhere at all in the estate. Not even for women to refresh their makeup. It is also heavily speculated that the estate has a cellar, though none have dared to locate its entrance let alone step inside.
Manor house / Meeting hall
Parent Location


Author's Notes



This article was written by the creative and talented Sols & Duun and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by Sols & Duun, visit Vhosparus.

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