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  In many ways, the Necropolis is the least typical district in Ptolus. In fact, it’s odd to even call it a district. It has no shops and no homes (with a few strange exceptions). It’s really just the city’s cemetery. But, as with so many things in Ptolus, there’s much more to it than that.   The borders of the Necropolis are very clear—a wall surrounds the entire district. It sits atop a number of small hills at the northeast end of the city, near the cliff edge overlooking the Bay of Ptolus. The sections of the Necropolis are as follows:  
  • Darklock Hill: Central section
  • Bone Hill: Northeastern section
  • The Quiet: Northwestern section
  • The Waiting: Southwestern section
  • The Howling: Eastern/southeastern section
  • Ptolus 5e (pg214)
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