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Temple of the Sisters

At a Glance

Massive granite figures of androgynous mortals in robes are kneeled, each holding a roof roughly eight feet off of the ground. A great set of stairs leads up and past the statues to a large wooden door reinforced with banded iron. Within are a score of pews all facing towards a dais that is silhouetted by the figure of a woman dressed in white, looking down and to the side with her hands open and gesturing toward the ground. Behind her is a figure, charcoal in color, looking off as though to refuse acknowledgment of the figure in white. Like a shadow, it cast no light upon the floor, but the light that passes through the milky stain-glass form turns the color of linen as it strikes the dais with dramatic rays. Figures in black robes wear silken sashes about their waists, speaking to a small family before a wooden coffin as to ease their pain and calm them through service. Bouquets and foliage bring green and patches of indigo, violet, and scarlet to an otherwise dull gray-black interior. Flowers and plants were occasionally carried off alongside caskets and grieving loved ones.
"Her light eases the pain of those that would languish in agony unchecked. To be with her is to be with those lost"
Priestess of Heiran
An older man with clay-colored skin wearing a plain white cap and a white cloak over his black robes smiles warmly as he speaks to those listening on the pews about the virtues of Heiran and what she would wish for all mortals to know. After finishing his sermon, he walks with resounding footsteps over to a wooden organ with great brass tubes flowing out of the floor and up towards the ceiling. Gentle and relaxing music fills the halls as the man plays major chord progressions. A few others in robes take to the dais and begin to sing including a woman wearing her robes like a tabard over heavy plate mail armor.

First Impressions

Despite the temple being dedicated to the Sisters, none of those inside seem to acknowledge the shadow behind the lady in white, Heiran. It is relatively quiet within the temple and footsteps quickly become echoes as the ceiling grows more vaunted as it reaches the dais. High-Priest Gandral is a soft-spoken man that serves as the spiritual leader of the Temple of the Sisters in Godsward. This makes him in charge of all of the priesthood and the head scribe that is tasked with writing scripture.
"Oh the Chaplain? She is merely here to protect those that wish to worship at the temple, my child"
—High-Priest Gandral
A tall brooding woman with sand-colored skin and pale gray eyes stands vigilant as her eyes constantly seem to sweep back and forth over the temple. She is not wearing the black robes of the other clergy, but she instead wears platemail and a sword at her hip. A black tabard and a white sash cover her breastplate. She is refered to as "the Chaplain" or "Chaplain Veranta". The Chaplain is over six feet and is quite youthful despite her position. Her presence alone snuffs out the comfort that the High-Priest maintains in the temple.  


Behind the temple is a sizable cemetery that is under the constant watch of the Chaplain and her men. The clergy tends to funerals and funeral rites along with services and visitations. Some even offer consultation for the mourning. Many of the people in the city seek aid from the temple to assure that their dead are protected from those that would dare to tamper with the dead.  

Who's Who


High-Priest Gandral

The leader of the Temple and the faith of the Sisters in the Ptolus, Gandral Tor, is a somewhat portly man in his early sixties. He is a charitable and kindly man that cares greatly for the wellbeing of his flock and his priesthood. An ascetic, most of what little money brings in goes back into maintaining the temple.
"In my youth, I searched for reason. I yearned for an answer as to why my father was taken from me and my mother soon after. In her light, my flock, did I find truth and the solace of peace"
—High-Priest Gandral
Gandral's parents died only a few years apart from one another at the ages of five and seven respectively. In his loneliness, he often questioned the caretakers at the orphanage as to why his parents had passed. The orphanage was, at the time, ran by the temple. The sisters helped Gandral work through his sorrow and become stronger because of it.    

Chaplain Veranta

Veranta Ardereau is a fierce woman in her mid-twenties. Her gaze is said to be sharp enough to cut steel, as her very presence is intimidating. Gandral knows well that, without Veranta, ne'er-do-wells and graverobbers would be rampant in the graveyards. Despite this, Verant often makes those that visit the temple uncomfortable as she tends to stare people down. Veranta became a priestess at a young age after a group of The Red Stain killed her brother and raised him as an undead servant. There is a haunted look behind her tired eyes that never seems to calm.  

Secrets & Rumors

Many of those in the Godsward suspect that Veranta is quietly running a one-woman crusade against the Stain, worshippers of Nareis. The guard of the Godward have kept a close eye on the temple for such a reason, as Veranta has not been known to be the most reasonable or relenting of people.
Ptolus Gods The Sisters Stained Glass Text by WhiteWingedCrow
Alternative Names
Temple of Death
Temple / Church
Parent Location
Owning Organization


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Author's Notes



This artwork was comissioned by Graylion for the Shadow War by the talented WhiteWingedCrow.

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This article was written by the creative and talented Sols & Duun and edited for world and game use by Graylion. To see more writing and world building by Sols & Duun, visit Vos.

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